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Antarctic Oceans Alliance

No description

Christina Romyn

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Antarctic Oceans Alliance

Antarctic Oceans Alliance
Justin Colbourne, Leanne Healey, Jesse Bailey, Christina Romyn, Cortney Lembke
We are here to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the Antarctic oceans and the effects of climate change if left unaddressed
Antarctic Oceans Alliance
It is home to about 10,000 unique species
It is critical to study the effects of climate change
It also houses the least impacted large marine ecosystem known to Earth (The Ross Sea)
The Alliance is a collection of expert environmental protection organizations trying to establish protected marine reserves in the Antarctic
70% of Earth is ocean and only 2% is Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)
Wildlife in Antarctica is in deep threat from commerical fishing and climate change
Approximately 70% of the Earths freshwater is locked in the Antarctic ice sheets
What's at stake?
Create awareness

Encourage people to sign the petition

To be the 26th country supporting the alliance
Action for the Antarctic
People supporting the Alliance by signing the
online petition
Participating in Global Citizenship awareness week
Can you guess who some of these supporters are?
Leonardo Dicaprio
can be found in movies such as Wolf of Wall Street and Titanic

Sylvia Earl
works for Natural Geographic

Richard Branson
owns the Virgin Group

Sam Neill
can be found in the movie Jurassic Park
There was a meeting in late October for two proposals for the protection of the east Antarctic coastal region and the Ross Sea. Unfortunately the final consensus was blocked by both China and Russia once again

The fate of 40% of the Southern Ocean will be decided in 2015

Progress Update
Not only do celebrities support the alliance. Many organizations have also joined the fight such as:



Mission Blue

Human Society International

Antarctic & Southern Ocean Coalition
Additional Supporters
Actions continued
Some Species at Risk
- Antarctic Blue Wale
Antarctic Toothfish -
- Antarctic Krill
Antarctic Ocean Alliance. (n.d.). Retrieved November 28, 2014, from http://antarcticocean.org
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