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No description

Srilekha B

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Kahaani

Baatein Kuch Ankahi Si, Kuch Ansuni Si.....
A fan, who was also holidaying in Goa at the same time, remarked "It was indeed a treat watching them. Pata hi nahi chal raha tha, kaun kiske saath hai. Roz nayak-nayika badal rahe the." This is what’s called a good film, hai na? Keeps the audience waiting right till the end.
The IIMK community wishes this venture a grand success, and hopes the ending wont disappoint its fans :D
‘E goes maniac!’ was the war cry during Roobaroo 2012. They were crazy enough to name their section group Chhonka and we all thought it was all smoke and no fire! How wrong were we!
The maniacs have taken their love for one another from the confines of F hostel to the vast expanse of Europe! And it’s all too evident-

icreate? youcreate? wecreate! These two have not been able to thank Airtel enough for bringing them together! So much so, that they have not shied away from making it public! But the question remains…is there more to this than meets the eye? Hmm…
And it's "MEAN GIRLS" Part 3!!
The Sec-C BITSian who only recently acquired GODlike-status seems to be having one helluva time. Her dream-run started with the lass landing up with a –BOMB-astic summer internship package on day-"O" that left people wondering if all of it was for RIYAal?!
Our lady was so elated with her feat that she couldn’t help but break into a “day zero-day zero” chant while making her pitch to get into that GODforsaken kingdom. Yet, it must have been someone’s Aashirwad that helped her still win the elections.
Aashirvaad hi aashirvaad!!
It’s often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A-section girls have taken this adage a little too seriously. When a certain C sectioner on a boat ( Naav) was trying hard to cover a red patch on his hand in class the next day, we all knew that, Dal(vi) mein kuch kaala hai. On further poking it was revealed that- iska Shrey(a) jata hai, to none other than a group of girls who have taken it upon themselves to slap and bite people who they think are not enjoying themselves at a party.

Now that she’s a Goddess herself, her own Aashirwad has become worth having. However, all good things come at a cost and ironically her present cult status itself could
the very reason for her current good luck. With her pleasant long night-walks replaced with place-com night-duties, we can only hope that all her routine-affairs remain jinx-proof.
Our own desi flavoured FOREX Diaries!!!
The Heman(t) from erstwhile section A was feeling a bit low and with good measure. After a drunken introduction long time ago, the dame from his graduation college was dancing away to the Jabulani while he was high and dry. SO the man decided to take things to global shores now. After some pretty hefty shots of the booze, he was ready for the fray. Dancing with the petite French Maiden who was in the party for some other Karan, we hear some very intimate moments went pass.
moment, however, occurred when the damsel was nowhere to be seen after 'the moment', while our heman looked in vain. It seems the closeness overpowered her a bit too much. Bit of an anti climax or climaxing too soon? We shall never know!
Mamma Mia!!!
This Beauty from France was the apple of many an eye when she landed on these drunk shores. But her Biswas was won by the very happy, very smiling, very Deep bong. While the rumors began floating, they lived and laid on in blissful oblivion.
This batch party however, things got too hot to handle for the French babe. But her efforts at being more comfortable in lesser clothes were strongly disapproved by Hubby errr friend. With breakfast being served in bed, the bong siren is really living the good life while the hopefuls can just watch and sigh...
Short Story!
And talking of intimate moments, the usually interesting batch party gained a whole new level when the Union Jack was on full display at some very inappropriate places. Though timely interevention saved the day, the Short story was on everyone’s tongue for a while!!
I got the flag in my pants and i ain't afraid to wave it!
Kya Karoon Ladies, main hoon aadat se majboor ;)
Singh Is King 2.0
D section of PGP 17, has been known to have the most interesting section parties! From Kabbadi to speed dating, they have had it all. So, guess who clinched the coveted honour to score first on Section D. He skillfully dribbled his way around to emerge as the true ‘Vin(ay)-er’.
Agnee ko 'Sakshi' maante hue, this melodious man, also resolved to protect his lady from (h)A(r)SH-WIN(d)(s), fire and other calamities.
We hope that this knight in shining armour is successful in his endeavours.

Singh Is King 1.0!
IIM K students have always known to be enterprising. From start-ups to international publications, from B-plans to theatrical talent. So, we were little surprised when we found out about IIMK’s own film production venture, aptly titled ‘Ladies Vs Vicky Behl’. A project kept tightly under the wraps, it had fans squealing for more, when they were discovered shooting in Goa, preparing for it’s release and further marketing.

Trying to get rid of the red mark desperately, he tried all means, from hiding to washing. Maybe, the soaps didn’t "lather" enough. It was just Khushboo wala, serving no purpose.
Innovative, we think. In line with Section C’s cannibalism.

Love Bites! <ouch>
No explanations required. We thought cut(e)-icles as ‘cute’ should be appreciated :
The Sound Of Kantaap!
The hero Of Krescendo is used to melody and rhythm. But he never thought of experiencing NOISE this up and close. The party had started on a sour note for Vamsen what with his constant attempts to shadow the Ninja being thwarted and then some earful from the ITCOMMER, who is the dream guy to Vamsen’s Dream girl . But things were about to turn worse.
He, in some brilliant brainwave moment, decided to Shower his affections on the feisty IIC member with a penchant for DA. After some drunk dancing, Mr Vamsen tried to live up to his name and decided that he wanted to get fresh. The next sound that was heard was this:
We also dont know what TARAs he saw as an aftershock! While we can only marvel at the notes ringing in his ears, his freshness for sure was gone for the next batch party where he was willingly sober and thankfully unhurt. What can we say except such is love dearies.
Laga Thappad Pe Gaal, Chupaon Kaise??
Big Man At Work!
The story of the two neighbours is going to be the stuff of IIMK Folklore for some centuries now. Both the men proudly proclaim their ongoing work on the doors and while Mr Bong has finally found his Mel(anie), the Hulk is not proving that lucky. With some pretty hefty Peg(u)s earlier, his luck seems to be running out.
This provided some chance to a PGP 17er who had long been a fan. While her friend had left her mid party to dance and swivel with full energy around her French Boo. Sama friend we say!!!
So she tried her luck at the burly Konwar, but luck was not with her, Akanksha as the Hulk found a taller engagement and proceeded to Hug it out with full fervor while the Princess was left standing in despair. Such Tragic love indeed.

Foreign Excahnge programs though are good for increasing our understanding of the world and some very cheesy photographs of jumping,swimming and being borderline crazy. There are a few who have notoriously been absent. The Campus Fashionista is sorely feeling one such absence. Her (a)Jawan(i) dance partner has been missing and with 196 other options and foreign damsels, the beauty has been left high and dry for a while now.
Sneh Ki Pyaasi ;)
But since the last party, there has finally been some rejigging in the social strata with the new John(y), seen waltzing till early in the morning but separated after they have been rekindling the romance to new levels now with long walks and even longer talks. Tadka smells some beautifully fried fish, hopefully tastes better than last time.
More piya gaye rangoon kiya hai wahan se telefoon
Heman, Too Soon!??
And The Saga Concludes...
Dagakin Strikes Back!
Well Mr Varma takes his belief about taking things sportingly quite literally and was found relaxing after an exhausting exchange of comments
The story could well have been over but for the faux pas by one beloved PGP 15er
Sir Daga on the other hand was out to torment other poor souls now
While also shedding copious tears through his personal vendetta forum nay page
We always talk about foot in the mouth, but Attitude Bhai seems to have feet growing in his mouth nowadays. Mr Editor in Mischief seems more into mischief part putting his editing skills to good use on the post of the Founder CEO. NotyTony was not pleased with this naughtiness and had this to say:
The others soon had to jump in the fray with band-aids for the wounded pride
Well we don’t know about the music part but the drama was entertainment for a great number of days. No doubt that the editors’ experience in theatre was helping things along, especially after the new conspiracy theory was floated. Apprently Sir NotyTony had been naughty himself and deleted his own post to add some spice. Ludicrous though it may sound, Zutshi seemed quite convinced
While after the Kiss and Make up from all parties concerned
The matter was considered closed but the tendency of bhai to shoot himself in the feet coming out of his mouth continued unabated.
He took on a Sportscom mail and got mightily confused between Verbs and Adverbs.
While Tadka was very patient in pointing out the dictionary, the damage had been done
We just hope that Editors’-in-Mischief mind their words instead of mincing them completely. We of course continue to be humble servants of the Queen’s English.

The Rakhi Sawant of IIMK has never seen better days. His hairy legs have found themselves on the stage quite often of late. From being the commonplace back-end (self-proclaimed) best photographer on campus, this mPower member now never misses a chance to hog the limelight. From voluntarily adding people on The Daily Tadka (yes, gone are those days when it took nothing less than a Black Dog to convince the admin to approve your request), to stepping on the stage every second minute, our very own (self-proclaimed) Editor-in-mischief has seen and shown it all.
Editorial Board Presents..
"E" shaqzaade!!!!
Meanwhile, across the seas, it looks like the blogger in Mr. Sling has taken the task of updating his travelogue a wee bit too seriously! Of course it helps that he has a certain missus for company.
While Mr. Sling has been diligently capturing his fair lady’s pics,
He was about to manage a selfie, until missus decided to fit herself in the frame too! Now, isn’t that sweet? :D
Closer home though, and away from prying eyes, Chhonka maniacs have been silently going about their business! From sharing ‘cute’ baby pics during Childrens’ Day,
to helping out decorate hostels during Diwali
to furtive trips to Varkala...
to sitting beside each other in class or simply posing for the camera,
we say that love has actually made them do crazy stuff. Chhonkas are in the limelight, and how!
Tidbits From The Student Bodies! ;)
Now that ITCOMM is busy hosting online games ( and hence, DC not working), the movie and song deprived souls can look no further than our student affairs public folder! English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi--they have it all! Considerate, we say.
A "Quarry" Of Media! :D
Just when we were tired looking for scoops, humein achaanak 'Anand' mila. Bhagwaan Ram(anathan) had listened to us, finally! But while all this was happening, pyaare 'Mohan' was fast asleep curled in the arms of his 'Janaani'.
While also shedding copious tears through his personal vendetta forum nay page
while his victims were still smarting from the atrocities meted out to them
It is alleged that a sizeable number of PGP-17ers refused to leave the stage after the last performance at the Food Festival. ‘It can’t be over just yet, right? It’s been over 2 minutes since he last stepped on the stage. I am sure he’ll appear for a final swansong’.
He thinks he can write!
He’s not alone though. If some inchoate voices are to be believed, he thinks he can sing, act, direct, market, invest and consult too.
But we respectfully disagree. He can do all that.
There is just one little problem, though...
The Rakhi Sawant of IIMK has never seen better days.
Revenge Of The Monolith!
Not all of them seem to be complaining, though. A relieved neighbour of his, who also happened to be neighbours with him during first year, expressed his immense pleasure at not having to hear his guitar again. ‘He still thinks he can play the guitar’, he quipped.
Night-Cant(i)n-a Band!
Ana Forex
Post Forex
We hope this tantalizing, talented tie up stands the tumultous test of time
O-jus' for fun!!!!
Lady who wields the straw says "Move over diamonds...(un)chipped nails are the new forever!"
Kudos to the lassy who cannibalised a cannibal!!!!!
"I'm on you like a tattoo!"
From voluntarily adding people on The Daily Tadka (yes, gone are those days when it took nothing less than a Black Dog to convince the admin to approve your request), to stepping on the stage every second minute, our very own (self-proclaimed) Editor-in-mischief has seen and shown it all. His flair for attention is well documented and much talked about.
This led to huge outcry in the Sister Concern and some very offended tears were shed by attitude bhai. The story though had more twists now than an Abbas Mastan Movie
First Attitude Bhai went head on with his long term nemesis; both trying to attain ANSH(U) of a certain GO(Y)AL. Here’s how the fight panned out:

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