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Clutch Construction and Operation

No description

Mark Fussell

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Clutch Construction and Operation

Reason For Clutches

Question 1:
Which of the following statements about clutches is true?

A) All vehicles have clutches

B) Clutches link the wheels to the transmission system

C) Clutches allow the changing of gears

D) Clutches do not allow the vehicle to stop in gear

Clutch Construction and Operation
Clutch Construction and Operation

This presentation will explore:
-Clutch Components and
-Basic Clutch Operation
Clutch Operating Mechanisms

Clutch Action

Clutch action can be demonstrated by two discs

Drive disc attached to engine.

Driven disc attached to transmission input shaft

Driven disc disconnected, no drive.

-Used with manual transmission systems
-Provide link between engine and transmission system
-Allow smooth take up of drive

-Clutch allows for brief separation between engine and gearbox

-Provides temporary disconnection when vehicle stopped in gear

Clutch System Parts

Clutch system consists of:

-Clutch Plate (driven plate)
-Pressure Plate Assembly
-Release Bearing
-Clutch Fork

What is the function of the clutch housing?
Question 2:
Which two parts of a clutch system are next to each other?

A) Clutch fork and Flywheel

B) Clutch plate and Clutch fork

C) Release bearing and Flywheel

D) Flywheel and Clutch plate

Clutch System Parts - Clutch Plate

Located between flywheel and pressure plate.

Splines mesh with input shaft

Frictional material riveted to cushion springs on either side of friction ring.

Question 3:
What is the name of the springs in the clutch plate that are positioned between the friction plates?

A) Tension springs
B) Cushion springs
C) Torsion springs
D) Compression springs

Question 4:
Why is the hub of the clutch plate splined?

A) Because it is easier to lubricate

B) Because it can never be undone once fitted to the shaft

C) Because it is an efficient way of stopping the hub rotating on the shaft

D) Because it makes a high friction joint

Clutch System Parts - Pressure Assembly
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