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Socail Studies

Period 5

India Marie Taylor

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Socail Studies

Part 5 Rectitude-appearance to moral standards Absolved-to set free Divine Providence-Gods guidence What is the "Supreme Judge" God This declaration would grant the states full power to:
A.levy war
B.conclude peace
C.contract allences
D.establish commerce
E.do all other acts which states may have rights to What is Divine Providence? afrimation by God Complete this sentence...we mutually pledge to each other our lives,our fortunes and our sacred honor. Six signers of the declartion aslo signed the constituon. Who were they?
George Reed
Roger Sherman
Ben Franklin
Roberts Morris
George Dymer
James Wilson Puzzle Part Name the colony with the most represenatives:
Pennsilvanyia This man was was credited with writting the Declaration of Independence: Thomas Jefferson First man to sign the Declaration of Independence: John Handcock Man credited with designing the First American flag: Hopkinson Name six ,men who signed both the declaration of independence and the U.S. Constituion:
George Read
Roger Sherman
Ben Franklin
Roberts Morris
Dymer Wilson Last living signer of the Declaration of Independence:
Charles Carrol This colonial representative to the second continetal congress: Caeser Rodney Southern most colony represented at the second continetal congress: Georiga Represenative from Georgia that was a doctor: Hall In the Declaration of Independence the king was accused of being a: Tyrant This reprsentative had beatiful hand writting but had a stroke a short time before sigining the declaration of independence therefore his signature looked like chicken scratching: Hopkins Two representaitives from Vigina had the same last name: Lee He was the founder of The sons of liberty: S adams Reese Witherspoon is a decentdent of this signer of the Declaration of independence: Wither Spoon The colonial city which the Declaration of Independence was written ad signed: Philidelphid. This Signer was our second president: j adams Name four signers from the colony of New York: Floyd
L Morris,Lewis,P.Livington Our Constitution On May 14,1787 the federal Convention in the Phidelphia state house. We now call this building Independence Hall How many states were required to be present at the
Federal convention in order to meet a quorm? 7 states Who presided over the Consitution convention? George Washington How many states votes required for the Cobstituon to be ratified? nine states What was the Untied States first ruling document caleed (1781-1789) Articles of Confederation How many men signed both the declaration of Independence and the Constituion? 6 men Which state did not attened the Constitutional Convention: Rhode Island Who was the oldest memeber present at the Convention? Benjaman Franklin
State: Pennsilvania
Youngest memeber: Jonathan Davton
Age: 26
State: New Jeresey Who was called the father of the Constitution? James Madsion
State: Virgina Name the Three Branches of government and the article thst describes them:
Legislative Branch,Article 1
Executive Branch, Article 2
Judical Branch, Article 3 Write out the words of the preamble of the Constution:
We the people in order to form a more perfect union establish justice ensure domestic tranquilty provide for the common defence promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prostery do ordain and establish this Constution for the United states of America Seven Articles form the Constution. Under which article would you find:
A. Requiers all government officals to be bound by oath to support the Constution,Article Six
B.Establishes the required number of states for ratification of the Constution,Article Seven
C. Regulates new states admitted to this union,Article Four
D. Requierments to propose new amendements, Article Five Of the twenty seven amendments in which one will find
A.The Electoral College,Amendment 12
B.The right to a speedy trial,Amendment 6
C.Amendment repealed by the 21st Amendment,Amendment 18
D.Deals with the order of Presidential successors,Amendment 25
E.Provides for a militia,Amendment 2
F.Gives the legal voting age,Amendment 26
G.Deals with Judical Power,Amendment 11 The bill of rights are the first 10 amendments to the constution of the untied states In which amdement will you find the following statements:
A.Powers not delegated to the Untied states by the Constution nor prohibted by it to the states are reserved to the states respectively or to the people: Amdement 10
B.Separation of chuch and state, no amdement
C. Nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself,Amdement 5
D.The right of people to keep bare arms,Amendment 2
E.Freedom of speech or the press,Amedement 1
F.Against unreasonable searches and seizures,Amendment 4
Adopted June 15,1790 How many amendments were originally propsed? 12 The bill of rights Required a 3/4 majority to be ratified by state legislatures. Our Flag The first American Flag was created during the Revolutionary War.On June 14,1777, the Contiental Congress passed a resolution concering the content and construction of that flag.What holiday is set aside to honor our flag? Flag Day When President John Kennedy lay in state in the capitol, his casket was draped with an American flag. What is the proper way to drape the flag over a casket? Drape the flag over the closed coffin with the blue field stars at the head and over thr left side of the deceased and cant touch the ground The flag consists of alternating stripes of red and white. How many of each color are there? White Strpies-6 Red Stripes-7 Where will you find that once raised has never been lowered? On the moon Name the flag George Washington raised over his base at Prospect Hill on January 1,1776. Grand Union Flag The blue canton carries a star for each state. On what date are new stars added to the flag? April 4th At Arlington Cemetery, The flag flies at half-staff. For the flag to fly at half staff what procedure must be follwed? Usaually on a ship or a nautical pole has to be width of flag down My Nickname is "Old Glory" Tom and Jan were attending the commutinty Parade> American Veterans carried the American Flag. As it passed in front of the, Tom stood, removed his hat, and placed his right hand over his heart. Jan remained quietly seated as the flag passed. Which one displayed correct flag protocol? Tom because he placed his hand over his heart and Jan was seated Our National Anthem "oh say, can you see....." Our national anthem,"The Star Spangled Banner" was written by Franics Scott Key as a peom. Give the orignal title of that poem. Flag Over F.T Mchenry This poem was eventually set to music originally written by John Stafford Smith. Name this song? Anacreontic Song How many years did it take for Congress to proclaim the song as our National Anthem? 17 years What is the current name of our National Anthem? Star Spangled Banner Our Pledge When you say the pledge of Allegiance what is the correct amnner of devivery? Right hand over your heart Four hundred years after Columbus discovery of the New world the pledge of Allegiance was written. What year was it written and who was the author? 1892. James B. Upham Two pharases have been added to the plegde. What are they? One nation under God indivisiable with.... "and to the republic" liberty and justice for all The Bill Of Rights
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