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Alan Andres Galvis Romero

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Fruver-Cargo

Our company is dedicated to provide logistical services for agricultural customers, delivering goods and materials from our customers to destinations around the region
On Fruver Cargo we dedicate to the transport of goods from and to farms around the rural area of Bogota. For this we have all the necessary equipment to satisfy the needs of our customers while providing a quality service based on reliability and good customer service.
Our services
Transport of fruits and vegetables under appropriate conditions (refrigerated and multifunctional compartments )
Support the logistics and transportation efforts through integrated information technologies
Our Philosophy
The commitment with our customers relies on:

o Integral and highly competitive service
o Dynamic and timely response
o Strength, experience and support
o Social responsibility and human development

Our Business
For 2020 our company seeks to establish itself as a prominent agricultural logistic company within the region, providing the best value to our stakeholders as well as giving our own contribution towards the improvement of the rural areas of the country.

Main Goal

Satisfy efficiently, timely and correctly the customer's needs and requirements of programmed transport

Secondary objectives:

Measure and control times, taking care about unpredictable facts from environment
Maintain high standards of quality and provide an outstanding service
Look constantly for continuous improvement and effectiveness
Strategic Planning with Scenario Technique
“An instrument of strategic management to develop competing future perspectives”
Milena Botero
Diana Martinez
Isabel Useche
Calorina Buchmann
Alan Galvis
Jack Ibañez
Jonathan Segura
1. Mission
2. Vision
3. Our Business
4. Our Services
5. Our Philosophy
6. Main Goal
7. The Logistic System
8. Influence Factors
9. Scenario Field Analysis
10. Conclusions

The Logistic System
Pelotón Variables

Milena Botero
Milena Botero
Alan Galvis
Jack Ibañez
Catalina Martínez
Milena Botero
Maria Isabel Useche

Technological Infrastructure Implementation Failure

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