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aricraft security

hyejin kim

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of security

of Dec 25th was only prevented by LUCK SECURTIY QUEUES - lengthened - full body scanners - stay in seats UMAR FAROUK ABDULMUTALLAB
the underpants-bomb

nearly killed prince Muhammad Bin Nayef, Saudi Arabia's deputy interior minister ABDULMUTALLAB'S FATHER
LEAST important of America's four terrorism watch-lists my son has become an EXTERMIST and has disappeared,
maybe to Yemen. he kept his multiple-entry visa to the United States. THE SYSTEM JANET NAPOLITANO

the homeland-security secretary
has worked really very, very smoothly"
"FAILED miserably" FLIGHT SAFETY POLICIES - passenger safety and comfort
- weapons, explosives and possession of goods
- goods suspected to be dangerous, would be checked with the passenger's consent
PROHIBITED acts of passengers
- verbal abuse. noisy behavior, and smoking
- drinking alcohol, or taking medication, the acts resulting in harm to others
- intimidation, or hierarchy acts to inhibit safety
- taking over the aircraft after landing
- electromagnetic interference with electronic devices that affect the aircraft's navigation and communication equipments
installation of the latest models of aviation security equipment
terrorists do not use metal timers or batteries
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