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The Secret Garden


natasha tam

on 26 August 2010

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Transcript of The Secret Garden

Charles Robinson DOB;; 22/10/1870 DOD;;1937 (age 66) Wife;;Edith Mary Favatt 6 kids illustrator
Tasha Tudor Born;; 28/08/1915
Death;;18/06/2008 illustrated nearly
100 books
Robert Ingpen inga moore DOB;; 8th of August 1936, in Australia illustrated more than
100 books Known for his recent illustrations of
'Peter Pan and Wendy' & 'The Wind in the Willows'. The only Australian illustrator
to to win he Hans hristian
Andersan Medal for illustration Occupation;; freelance designer,
illustrator & author (from 1968) Has a diploma for Art Illustrator of children's books Well-known for
'The Wind in the Willows' Nationality;; English Born in Sussex but
brought up in Australia illustrated 'Wind in the Willows' before
'illustrating 'The Secret Garden Ilustrators They are the People who give
the reader an idea of what the
story is like The People that show who the
characters are, what genre the
book is and the tell the reader about
the book without reading it. By: Frances Hodgens Burnett His father was a illustrator A child's Garden of verses Born in Boston Drew many animals ,
many were her pets. Married in 1938 4 Kids The Secret Garden A Child's Garden of Verses The Secret Garden The BIG Book of Nusery Rhymes The Secret Garden Pumpkin Moonshine A Little
Princess The Wind in the Willows The Secret Garden Peter Pan and Wendy The Wind in the Willows The Secret Garden The Socerer's
Apprentice The Secret Garden
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