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Algonquin Grade 5 Parent Night

No description

Rob Messia

on 20 May 2018

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Transcript of Algonquin Grade 5 Parent Night

Welcome To Algonquin Middle School!
Grade 5 Parent Night

Our Learning Environment
Grade 6 Course of Study
With Families
Weekly Email Blast

Jottings Newsletter - 5 Times A Year

Email is Preferred Contact for Teachers

Parent Conferences By Request of Teachers or Family

Transition To Middle School

- Each Elementary School Visits Algonquin
- Band, Orchestra, Chorus Sign-Ups
- Concert for 5th Grade Students
- Grade 5 Parent Night

How Parents Can Help With The Transition
Resist the urge to "let go"
Encourage homework completion the night an assignment is given
Remind your student of the importance of school
Talk with your child about any school questions/concerns first
Transition To Middle School
Common Experiences
Live Gradebook
Copies of Report Cards
Attendance Information
School/Class Emails
Google Classroom
- Custom webpages for classes
- Building Events

Homework Calendar
- Google Calendar
- Viewable on webpage or add to your own calendars

Tonight's Agenda
Opening Remarks
About Algonquin
Our Learning Environment
Grade 6 Curriculum
Student Schedule
The Transition to the Middle School
Meet Our Faculty Video
Student Led Tours of the Building
Challenging & Engaging Curriculum
NYS Standards Aligned
Literacy Skills Across Content Areas
Independence and Self-Direction
Increasing Expectations As Year Goes On
Project-Based Assignments
Ancient Civilization
(Egypt, Rome, Greece)
Middle Ages

Lab Skills
Scientific Method

Social Studies
- Expressions
- Equation
- Inequalities
Dividing Fractions
Math 6
English Language Arts
& Literacy
Physical Education
Exploratory Program
French & Spanish
- Cultures
- Basic Language Skills
Languages Other Than English (LOTE)
Seminar 6
13 Week Exploratory
- Portfolio
- Using Elements and Principles of Design
- Color Theory (Painting)

13 Week Exploratory
Goal Setting
Food Prep and Basic Kitchen Skills
Adolescent Growth & Development

13 Week Exploratory
Tech & Media Literacy - Paperless
Chromebooks/Personal Devices
Internet Safety, Social Networking
Google Expeditions, Coding, Vlogging
Final Project: Video using iPads
Independent Homework Completion
Assistance from Teachers
Band, Orchestra & Chorus
Intervention & SPED Services
Visit Library

- Smooth, Successful Transition
- Middle School Skills
Group Work
Content extension and enrichment
- Healthy Decision Making
Counseling Center Presentations
Project Alert
Band, Orchestra & Chorus
Sign Ups
Going On
Team Structure
Two Teams Per Grade Level
Grade Level Wings
Access Period
Outstanding, Caring Faculty
Transition To Middle School
- Librarian Visits to Elementary Schools (Summer Reading)

June 1:
- Grade 5 Mixer Night at AMS

End of June:
- Summer Reading, Summer Math Calendar & Supply List Sent Home & Available On Website

Mid/Late August:
- Homeroom Assignments & Locker Information Mailed Home

August 29:
- Locker Night & Ice Cream Social (5:30-6:30pm)

Larger school environment
Increasing academic expectations throughout the year
Homework assigned by blocks, generally short assignments each night
Increasing responsibility and ownership of learning by student

Throughout The Middle School Experience
Reading for pleasure
Talk with your child about their future plans
Talk about (or even visit) college
Encourage completion of hs credits at AMS to help prepare for "Advanced Regents Diploma"
Stay involved with the APO
Life-Long Activities

Activities & Events
Best Buddies
Hoops & Jump Rope for Heart
Battle of the Belts & Sean's Run
Student Council
Builders Club
Strategy Board Game Club
Pleasure Read Book Club
Computer Coding Club & Hour of Code
Dances & Mixer
Entrepreneur Club
Social Media Club
Cursive Writing Club
Select Band & Orchestra Groups
Spring Musical Production

Welcome To
Fifth Grade Parent Night

Thematic units
Land of the Golden Mountain
ELA focus: Writing
Literacy focus: Reading
Wifi &
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Increased use of devices (tablets, phones, etc.)
School & Home
Monitoring student use
Setting limits and parameters
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