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1984- Power and Control

This is my ISU presentation for Grade 11

oliver breen

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of 1984- Power and Control

The main character of 1984 is Winston Smith, he is 39, he has a job with the government and he lives this horrible dreary existence without any friends or without anyone in his life.
George Orwell
1984 is about totalitarianism. A Totalitarian government is one that tries to control every aspect of life, how people spend every minute of their time, even in private, who they can associate with, and what they’re allowed to say. A totalitarian government even tries to control what people think and what they believe. George Orwell wrote 1984 in the late 1940’s, what he knew about totalitarianism was based on the Soviet Union and Nazis Germany.
The worst part is that the government is always watching everything people do, there are posters of big brother who is supposedly the leader of their government that say BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, there are thought police with hidden cameras and microphones literally everywhere, the government can watch you in your home through your TV screen and you’re not allowed to turn it off ever. There are a lot of things that you are not allowed to do in this society and if you do them the police might take you away and throw you in a forced labor camp.
At the beginning of the novel there are two characters who matter to Winston, and he doesn’t even know either of them. one of them is Julia, Julia is this attractive young woman who works in the same building as him, she is some kind of mechanic. Winston basically hates her, he hates her because she is pretty and he can’t have her, but he also thinks she is the sort of person who would turn him in to the thought police. So he is afraid of her and also fascinated in. The other person he is interested in is this bulky guy named O'Brien, who is a member of the inner party. That means he is a boss much higher up than Winston, Winston should be afraid of this guy but he gets the sense that O'Brien is intelligent so he has this yearning to be friends with him. He thinks O'Brien would understand how he feels about life.
The book takes a turn one day when Julia slips Winston a note that says I love you. He follows up on it starts to have an affair with julia. this is a dangerous act because they could be killed or sent to a labor camp if they get caught. But that small act of rebelling was not enough for winston, he wanted to go to the next level and become an active rebel against the government.
The diary is his place for thinking about his society; it’s a place where he tries to imagine his life possibly different than it is. There is no way for him to know if things were ever different before because the government had changed all the records of the past and rewritten all the history books.
He gets his chance when O'Brien invites him over for something work related, Winston takes a leap of faith and guesses that O'Brien must be a part of the rebellion. So he and Julia go to O'Brien’s house and confess that they want to be rebels. After coming out, and being fairly upfront, O'Brien lies and says he is a part of the rebels. He Shows them the "book" outlining the rebellion. As soon as they finish reading the thought police bust in and arrest the lot. Winston gets taken away by O'Brien and he i left to fend for himself.
After torturing him over and over O'Brien finally tells Winston what it is that the government really wants. What they want is to have total power over the minds of people like Winston. They want people like Winston to say 2+2=5, and really believe it not just say it to avoid a beating. The government is purely exercising its power, they are not trying to control his mind for some other purpose they just want to exercise total power over people’s minds.
Major Themes
The Dangers of Totalitarianism
Psychological Manipulation
Physical Control
Language as Mind Control
The Abuse of Technology
1984 - George Orwell
By Dakota Chodan
Power and Control In
Power And Control
Although this novel is an example of a totalitarian government,
it is also an example of a dictatorship. it is run by one man, Big Brother, whom i previously mentioned. He is basically the image of the party. He has control over everybody and everything, this includes the past. but enough about that, over the past few thousand years the word dictator has had different meanings that resenate with different opinions, for example, nowadays if one were to mention a dictator it would go to a negative light but there some examples of a dictator being a good choice. Lets look back to ancient Rome.
Dictators in the Distant Past
As we go further into the history of power and control, one of the major powers of the world was once Ancient Rome. It ruled over most of europe for a long period of time untill its over all demise. But at its height it was run by a certain famous man who also happend to be a dictator. This man was Julius Caesar, Altough he was a dictator, it was a happy reign, the people loved him and he was happy, but i guess the people loved him too much because they pretty much sentanced him to death by naming him dictator for life. This angerd the senate which caused an uprising and Julius was stabbed to death by a mob of angry senators. I guess big brother has somthing going for him, he has eliminated all hopes of an uprising so he can ensure absolute power and control, no questions asked. Now lets look into the not so distant past.
The Not So Distant Past
In the past hundred years or so, the title dictator has taken a turn for the worse, espically when it has been held by some of the most despicable men in the history books. This line up included men such as...
Adolf Hitler ( Nazi )
Joseph Stalin ( soviet union )
Benito Mussolini ( Italian Facists)
Not So Distant past Cont'd
Those are just three names on a fairly long list of dictators in that time period, they also happen to relate to the novel 1984, especially one, Adolf Hitler. He was elected into power normally, he had bright ideas and no one was the wiser, but once he was in power his true intentions came out, he lead germany into war while secretly irradicating the jewish people, stripping them of possesions, dehumanizing them and finally killing them. That seems very similiar to the life of every citizen in the novel 1984, minus the death part of course. They are brainwashed, stripped of free will and freedom and forced to live in poverty avoiding basic human nessesity's. Now it may be slightly different but it is all too similar.
Although this book depicts a world that seems
all too far away from reality, the scary thing is it is not. For some people, that is there reality, they live in fear, brainwashed by there government. It is happening today and it has happend before, that is why this novel relates to my research topic. Hey, but what do i know? 2+2=5 am i right?
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