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NBA Player Experience vs. NBA Player Salary

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Maddi Gagner

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of NBA Player Experience vs. NBA Player Salary

NBA Player Performance vs. NBA Player Salary
By: Maddi Gagner and Laura Polowick

What We Want To Know:

Is the performance of NBA players an indicative for their salary?

Player Salary
Player Experience

Player Points
Player Rebounds
Player Minutes
- positive strong correlations between
all variables analyzed
Player Salary Graphs:

Player Experience Graphs:
Player Minutes Graphs:
Player Points Graphs:
Player Rebound Graphs:
Mean: 4.63
Median: 2237500
Max: 30453805
Min: 61467
Range: 30392338
IQR: 4438691
Standard Deviation: 6.36
Variance: 4.04
Q1: 854389
Q3: 5293080
Mean: 6.05
Median: 4
Max: 18
Min: 1
Range: 17
IQR: 7
Standard Deviation: 5.13
Variance: 26.29
Q1: 2
Q3: 9
Mean: 22.02
Median: 23.95
Max: 36.6
Min: 5
Range: 31.6
IQR: 18
Standard Deviation: 10.02
Variance: 100.37
Q1: 11.5
Q3: 29.5
Mean: 9.43
Median: 8.8
Max: 22.6
Min: 1.4
Range: 21.2
IQR: 9.9
Standard Deviation: 6.21
Variance: 38.43
Q1: 3.7
Q3: 13.6

Mean: 3.83
Median: 3.1
Max: 10.4
Min: 0.3
Range: 10.1
IQR: 3.8
Standard Deviation: 2.79
Variance: 7.78
Q1: 1.7
Q3: 5.5

Two Variable Statistics
Player Salaries vs. Player Experience
Correlation: 0.550866
Player Salaries vs. Player Points
Correlation: 0.715712
Player Salaries vs. Player Rebounds
Correlation: 0.595488
Player Salaries vs. Player Minutes
Correlation: 0.622863
Other Factors Which May Impact Salary
- Other Contracts
- Position
- Team Ranks
- Fans/Merchandise
LeBron James - 8th highest salary






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