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Evaluation Coach system online: Part 1

Presentation on the coach system that is being developed for the 1%CLUB in order to improve the quality of developmental projects online.

sara stevenson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation Coach system online: Part 1

Research Objective What defines ‘Quality’ of a good private initiative Improve the quality of a project. Results needed A manual Skills that need to be developed by the coaches How to make the first contact with the project owner
How to manage their expectations
How to activate Project owners
How to use Social Media
Knowing the players in the field
Motivate and Remind projectowner to keep followers updated
Monitoring the project outcome Monitoring Influence of the coach on the projects affectivity feedback from the project owner
has the output of the organisation online increased Based on: Appreciative inquiry is needed:
What do the project owners want questionnaire Goal:The eventual goal is to enables he project owner to function effectively individually Duration of coaching school is built: will the coach monitor if this is still in use after 6 months time? Social Media Project owners: not enough time to sort out how to write proper weblogs and keeping followers updated (facebook/ twitter) enabling and improving what is there rather than controlling Questions Coaches are volunteers, they are not employees!? Is the one percent club responsible? Interaction interaction occurs through Crowd sourcing on the website Stimulate to work together with other projects increase expertise follow a similar project to get a good view on the situation in order to give better feedback to the project Improve Project Quality The Future of a project outsource his/ her work enable project owner developing country: organize everything themselves: follow up look for people that would like to be involved in the project for a longer duration of time Reciprocity What does the 1%COACH get in return? What is important: Project application
Social media:best ways is to approach followers online (using twitter and writing web logs).
Course 2.0? What do the coaches want?
1. Focus Groups
2. Meetings Project owners: needs and questions forms the baseline for the formulation/ demands of the coaching system A helpdesk Where to ask questions Workvoices Transparency Giving feedback online: sensitive subject: rarely occurs, easier to send an email. for example bad results (1%SKILLS) or non-compliance (non-reaction on the 1%COACH) Making Contact Help the project owners within a reasonable time with their questions. Contact strategy Clear contact point
where the 1%COACH can ask his/ her questions.

Examples a. Technical questions about logins of the project owner (Faults in their email accounts). b. Who do they approach when cannot contact the Coach/ Project owner? c. Manual technical skills Collective intelligence Project proposal Asking critical questions to motivate Guideline Outcome mapping Intelligence of the crowd Skype Kiva? Who is responisble Bennet Grassano
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