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Easy Location Colombia

No description

luz angela Botia Prieto

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Easy Location Colombia

EASY LOCATION COLOMBIA Objetives Strategies Goals Place Promotion Price Target Our target will be enterpreuners that come to Colombia to live and international companies that will open an office in Colombia We will focus our attention in countries that
have more investment in Colombia
and international
companies interested in open
a new office in this countrie About us Easy location offers the service
of acomodation and different kinds
of advice to foering enterpreuners
that come to live in Colombia Product Home Location.
Transportation assistance.
Education assistance.
International Removals. contacts.
legal and financial assistance.
recreation and tourism advice.
Translation (people and documents). Our web page To get a considerable amount of clients we have designed a making strategy focused in three different dimensions:

virtual Dimension
Business Dimension
Agents Dimension here we have estimate percents for our services:

Home location: 30%
Educational assistance: 15%
Cultural adaptation:10%
Transportation assistance: 10%
Legal assistance: 15%
international removals: 20%

Help to the foering enterpreuners to get an easier change of home giving to them the facilities to fin d all the things that they need to start to live in other countries.

Give to know about our services, advising and quickly answering to
our costumers desires. To satisfy all the needs in the market and be able to get the market of foering people in Colombia Get in touch with international companies in Colombia and by internet in other countries to give the best service and make people to recomend aour companie as a good option to solve their move problems.
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