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Isabella Romano

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of conclusion

The mystery of Ötzi
There is conflicting information about where he had lived during the time otzi was alive but, archeologist have came to the conclusion that he spent his childhood in upper eisack valley or lower ouster valley. Due to the wood in the equipment otzi used it indicates that throughout his older years otzi lived in South of Alpine mountain chain. He had evidently lived at least ten years in the vinschgau prior to his death. Archeoloist and other important people have had to predict and use evidence to find this information so none of this is 100 perecent sure because Otzi is a big mystery.
What equipment and clothing did Otzi use/wear?
His clothing was made out of deer skin and his hat was made from bear fur. In normal conditions otzi would wear clothing of organic materials. He always carried a broad kit that would allow him to stay away from home for a long time. With his kit he would be able to fix damaged clothing or make more. The equipment he would use was:
- axe
- dagger
- retoucheur
- bow
- quiver and its contents
- arrows
- backpack
- net
- birch-bark containers
- minerals and tools
- stone disks

What were the circumstances of his death?

• There a several different circumstances that archeologist have thought could have been the solution to the iceman’s death. First they thought After the archeologist studies and examined the body they found a deep would in the left shoulder which first was thought to be an arrow head which hit him. They thought that the arrow had hit a vein, which would have caused Otzi to bleed uncontrollably leading to death.

• There was also a wound to the head which researches were unable to come to terms with, but studies now think he was a victim of a sacrifice.

• Due to Otzi unnatural posture in death (frozen body, face down, left arm bent across the chest) suggests that the death was caused by blood loss, hunger, cold and weakness.

• In 2012, researches were sure that Otzi did not died immediately from his shoulder would because of the dried blood cells they found during examination. They then thought that a blood clot was to blame but other theories is that his stomach contained 30 different types of pollen. Analysis of the pollen showed that he died in spring or early summer.

• After a lot a conflict it has now come to a conclusion that Otzi died of a head trauma.

After reading lots of theories of the way Otzi may of died, I have came to the terms that Otzi death was coursed by being under attack and he was running away, tripped cutting his hand on a rock (which links to the wound archeologist found), then being shot by an arrow in the arm (links to the wound in his left arm) falling over head facing down and because he was shot in the left arm he felt his arm before he fell to the ground and that leaded to him falling and being found with his arm under his chin facing the right side of his body. I believe that Otzi the iceman’s death was a homicide.

what was the story of the find?
On Thursday, September 1991 – 1.30 p.m in South Troyal, Italy two hikers were walking in the Otzal Alps and went of the normal track. They walked past a gully filled with melt water and found something brown on the gully bed. At first sight they thought it could have been rubbish or something but then they realised that they found something human. The body was facing down aswell as its head and arms were facing the right side of his body.
What made Otzi's death so rememberd and famous?
- Otzi was oldest human mummy ever found preserved by freezing.

- He became part of a popular culture. He is the subject of many books and lays.there is also a drink named by Otzi and you can buy a iceman backpack.
- He is one of the oldest mummy’s ever

- Otzi skin had tattoos on it

- His stomach contained the remnants of his last meal.

How did Otzi live during the period he was alive?
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