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steve jobs

all about the life

sj hite

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of steve jobs

When Steve Jobs made it to high school.
He met Steve Wozniak who was a computer
engineer. They became best friends.
when Steve Jobs made it to college he
was six months into college and dropped
out. But for two months spied on a creative
class. Eventually his friends made a mac
computer. Wozniak on the other hand made
a scientific calculator. They made a good but
starting company. by: Samuel James Hite a Steve Jobs biography. All about him His early life. Steve Jobs had his life started at a adoption center.
Two people had adopted him. When he started elementary
school he was a prankster Jobs teacher had to bribe him
to study. But the school said he was so talented the
subscribed him to go to high school. His parents declined
but when he made it to high school he met a kid. hi when Steve was at college he was 3 months into college
but dropped college. some times Steve would spy on
the class that dealt with creativity. His company Steve's company started his company in his garage.
His friend sold his beloved scientific calculator.
Then he started the apple company. Later his company
joined with the Walt Disney's company which later
created these movies finding nemo, the incredibles, and toy story.
Then he found out he had cancer so he quickly created the I tunes, I phone, I pod touch, and the I pad. Sadly mr. jobs died
due to his cancer. The vote this person shall be voted because he has
created all of these devices and I need
your vote so I can make it to the top. thank you for your vote click one more if you do vote
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