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Effective Mathematics Classroom Environment

No description

renu mann

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Effective Mathematics Classroom Environment

Effective Mathematics Classroom Environment
Fostering Positive Mathematical Attitudes
Unlike Language, learning Mathematics can be very intimidating when the answers are right or wrong. The wrong answers can challenge the learners self confidence. So, it is crucial to create an environment where there are no "mistakes", but just "hurdles" in the process of solving problems. This is essential to safe the learners' enthusiasm to changing into fear.
Collaborative Learning Environment
Collaborative learning encourages students to take ownership of their learning. This needs deliberate planning by the teacher. Some strategies used are:
Effective Mathematical Communication
Communication has the power to transform a simple idea into an invention. It is the key to learning and understanding.

Valuing Diversity of Student Thinking
There is a need for a conscious effort to plan and cater for the diverse learning styles of our students.
This can be done by using
a variety of hand on materials (manipulatives)
technology for virtual learning
differentiated instructions
The Learning Focus
"The Big Idea"
The most essential component of an effective mathematics classroom environment is having a learning focus - The Big Idea

Ontario Curriculum
overall expectations(s)
Selecting the related specific expectations
This can be achieved by
connecting with the learner by spending time and energy to know the individual learner and their learning styles
catering to the need of the learner by differentiation
positive reinforcement as everyone can learn mathematics; everyone learns differently
In an Effective Mathematical Learning Environment, the mathematical communication should be focused on
discussions, not instructions
discussions - whole class, group discussions, pair share
discussions that foster questioning, explaining and probing one another's mathematical reasoning

Differentiated Instructions
- a mind map by Renu Mann
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