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Mexican - American War (who got affected)

No description

stephanie vazquez

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Mexican - American War (who got affected)

Victims of the Mexican- American War Who dies or suffered as a result of this war? What was the first effect on the Mexican-American war? What was the aftermath of the war and how did it affect
people? Approximately 16,000 , Mexicans died in the Mexican-Americans War. 13,283 Americans died. 4,152 Americans were wounded. In total there was 17,435 dead & wounded Americans. How big were the effects on the Mexican - American War? Some of the effects were huge while others were small. Nonetheless, all of the effects were important in shaping the histories of Mexico and the United States. The first effect of the Mexican-American War was the territorial gains made by the United States. Families were literally split in half. Families held land and had homes. Then an artificial political border was created and suddenly part of the family was on one side, and the other part of the family was on another side. Suddenly, these families became enemies on opposite sides in a sense, although they didn't see themselves that way. What was the first effect? . What did the American think about the Mexicans after the war ? It is said that the Americans didn't have much respect for the Mexicans way of life.
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