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01.04 The Golden Age of Islam: Honors Assessment

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briana tesfaye

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of 01.04 The Golden Age of Islam: Honors Assessment

01.04 The Golden Age of Islam: Honors Assessment
1. Select a modern society to research that you consider to be in a "golden age."

21st Century.
2. Find at least one piece of evidence from each of the following categories to support the idea of a golden age for your chosen society to weave into your essay:
2a. • artistic and/or intellectual achievements
The Golden Age had the "pursuit of learning". The 21st century here in America allows us to have the opportunity to learn. They also had a population filled with many different types of people. We also have have many different people here in America. Than, like us, also had sources of learned and preserved knowledge.

In today's time we do have plenty of floral designs. We also have many geometric shapes everywhere, for example buildings. Than, in the Golden Age, they also had floral and geometric designs and shapes.
2b. •medical, technological and/or scientific contributions
In the Golden Age there was constantly advances in medicines; we do too. There was a point in the Golden Age where there was a constant amount of new hospitals. Us in America, we are always establishing hospitals. They also had lots of potential cures. We have plenty of potential cures. We also have technology spreading and the impact its put on societies.
2c. •economics
We have "economic basis" so production of food. We also have our economics system and the expansions within the systems. We also have plenty natural resources. These few topics that I mentioned were also happening in the Golden Age. Just another reason why the 21st century could be like the Golden Age.
2d. •politics
The following are more similarities between the two:
Political structure and the way it goes through the governments approval.
Our governments organization and our laws are similar.
The revolts and its revolutions.
2e. •social developments and/or humanitarian efforts
We, like them, have "gender roles", racial and cultural construction, population, household relationships, and "respect for all knowledge and people of faith". The middle ages and the 21st century consisted of all these examples.
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