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Odinani: Ibo (Igbo) Religion

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Isaiah Sisk

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Odinani: Ibo (Igbo) Religion

Odinani: Ibo (Igbo) Religion
Poly, Mono, Pantheistic?
The Odiani religion (traditional religion of the Ibo people) is Polythestic, they have 44 gods and goddesses!
Gods and Goddesses of Odinani
Ala- The earth goddess
Chukwu – The Great Chi (Edeh, pg 133)
Aka – The Origin, the Antiquity and the First One (Umeh, pg 129)
Okasi-Akasi – The Highest Highest (Edeh, pg 121)
Okike Chi – Sharer that shares Chi (Umeh, pg 129)
Obasi – (Onunwa, pg 27)
Ife-Anyi – For whom nothing is impossible (Edeh, pg 122)
Okike Uwa – Creator of the World (Umeh, pg 129)
Onwa n’etiri oha – The moon that shines for all (Udoye, pg 39)
Awuwa walu ife – Cutter that cuts things (Umeh, pg 130)
Eze-Igwe – King of Heaven (Edeh, pg 121)
Na Okike kelu ife – Creator that creates things (Umeh, pg 130)
Okaike – Most Powerful (Edeh, pg 122)
Anyanwu na Agbala – The Sun & the Mighty Spirit that holds the world in place (Agu, pg 23)
Ofu – The First of all that exists (Umeh, pg 130)
Chineke – (Edeh, pg 33)
Onye no n’elu, ogodo ya n-akp n’ala – One who dwells above and his wrapper stretches to every part of the world (Onunwa, pg 27)
Odenigbo – Whose fame resounds everywhere (Edeh, pg 122)
Ezechitaoke – King of the spirits & creation (Onunwa, pg 45)
Omacha – (Edeh, pg 33)
Anya Ukwu Na-Ele Uwa – The big eye that sees the entire world (Onunwa, pg 27)
Chidiokike – (Edeh, pg 33)
Eze-ogholigho-anya – King of knowledge who knows all (Edeh, pg 122)
Anyanwu – Eye of Light (Edeh, pg 125)
Obibie Okwachi – Great destroyer & repairer (Onunwa, pg 27)
Eke-ji-mma – Creator who holds goodness (Edeh, pg 122)
Ikpo Nkpume – The impregnable rock (Onunwa, pg 27)
Ike-ife – Bringing into being, originating or causing without pre-existent material (Edeh, pg 122)
Onye-Okike – Being who creates (Edeh, pg 121)
Ife – The Light (Umeh, pg 135)
Omelu-k’okwulu – Who keeps to his words (Edeh, pg 122)
Nna Ife Nta – The Father of the Small Light (Umeh, pg 135)
Otu Aka Oru Mba – One who points from one spot and it stretches to any part of the universe (Onunwa, pg 26)
Obasi Di’Elu – God that Lives in the Sky (Umeh, 133)
Igwe ka Ala – Heaven above the earth (Udoye, pg 39)
Chukwu Abiama – God the Revealer of Wisdom (Umeh, pg 135)
Olisa (Edeh, pg 33)
Olisa Ebili Uwa – God the mystic tide of the Universe (Umeh, pg 133)
Osebuluwa – Lord who carries the world (Edeh, pg 122)
Agbala ji igwe – The pillar holding up the sky (Udoye, pg 39)
Eke ekelu Igwe na Ana – The Creator who created heaven and earth (Udoye, 37)
Amassi Amassi – Known but never fully known (Edeh, pg 122)
Onozu-ebe-nine – Present everywhere (Edeh, pg 122)

Rituals and Practice
Die without honor
Women who die in labor
Children who die without teeth or are born as a twin (pg. 135, 154 these pages talk about twins being disposed of in this culture)
People who committed suicide (ex. Okonkwo)
Those who die in the sacred month
Igbo kill people who are considered shameful to the tribe
Ala: Earth Goddess
Chukwu: Ultimate Chi God
The people of the Odinani religion pray often, it links them to the spirit world (ala mmuo)
Burial ceremonies are very important in the Odinani religion
Depending on the type of death, depends on the way they dispose of bodies
Thrown in a bush in the Evil Forest
Die without honor continued
Thrown away in secrecy
Children who die with their upper teeth in before death
Babies who die that were born with their feet first
Boys who die with only one testie
Places of Worship
Obasi Oha: Refers to a private secluded place of worship and prayer
An Obasi can be found in homes
Natural and topographical places may also be used as places of worship
They also make shrines and clay alters of their deities(gods) usually with inanimate figures in them
Usually only men make the figures in the places of worship
Myths and Stories
Ogbanje: is an evil spirit that plagues a family with misfortune by dieing and coming pack into the cycle to plague the family again(pg. 78-79)
Kids who had sickle cell anaemia were suspected to be an ogbanje
Chi is a personal god who determines personal fate
The people of the igbo culture uses folklore's and fables to provide explanation to everyday question and problems

Religious Figures
In Odinani, they use oracle
The oracles usually have a female priestess that serves as the oracles voice to the people
The oracle and priestess usually dwell in caves
A famous oracle is Agbala and his priestess Chielo (pg. 100)
Igbo in Nigeria and Americans in America
The majority of the population in America follow Abrhamic religions (Christianity, Isam, Judaism) and the majority of the Igbo population also follow an Abrahamic religon (Christianity)
America was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and the Igbo region was founded on polytheistic ethics (pg. 180-181 talks about how Christianity doesn't fear their god if they follow his will and in Odiani they are very afraid of their god(Chukwu).
That results in a difference between the two cultures
The basis of the regions are very different based on the ethics it was founded on
Obasi Oha
Depiction of Chielo
America vs. Igboland

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