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The marxist theory: the doll's house

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ruby arreola

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of The marxist theory: the doll's house

"The Doll's House"
by Katherine Mansfield

The story represents Mansfield's thoughts on social classes, illustrated with Kezia and Lil's relationship, and her symbols in the story.
Katherine Mansfield
Kezia is from a well off family
Her mother wouldn't let her show Lil and her sisters the doll house because of class differences.
she still became their friend.
Short Summary
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"The Doll's House" is about two families from different social classes. Both families have three children, Kezia is from the wealthy family, her mother doesn't like her talking to the people from the lower class like Lil's family. When Kezia brought up the idea of showing the Kelveys her doll house her mother answered "Certainly not, Kezia... Run away, Kezia; you know quite well why not." Going against her mother's wishes, Kezia brought the Kelveys children to her house to show them her doll house.
Marxist Theory
The Marxist theory was developed by Karl Marx, who believed that society separated people into categories determined by their economic power and wealth
Ida Baker
Mansfield was raised in a wealthy family.
Became friends with a women named Ida Baker.
They met at Queen's College in 1903.
The lamp
in the story the lamp can represent kindness in society. "But what Kezia liked more than anything, what she liked frightfully, was the lamp" which she displayed when she got Lil and her sisters to see her doll house even though it went against her mothers wishes
The dolls in the doll house
"...And their two little children asleep upstairs, were really to big for the doll's house." even though the house is perfect the dolls in it aren't. What she really wanted to point out is society is not made to be perfect but people want it to be
Born in England in 1877
Ida was South African
She came from a low income family
Lil came from a unwealthy family
Was the daughter of a hard working washerwoman
She only had her sisters by her side
The reasons Katherine put Kezia and Lil in the story to represent herself and Ida. To show in her point of view on how the wealthy would treat other people but to prove that some people don't care about you coming from a wealthy family or not.
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