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Monty Python's

No description

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Monty Python's

Monty Python's
Life of Brian
EMI Films, the original backers, had been put off due to the premise of the film and therefore dropped out only a few days before filming commenced. Following shooting, from 16th September and 12th November 1978, a rough cut of the film was constructed for a private showing of the film in January 1979. Over the next months 'Life of Brian' was re-edited and re-screened a number of times, losing entire film sequences. During the editing process five scenes were deleted which amounted to a total of thirteen minutes. The film had been created because Pythons shared a distrust of organised religion and after witnessing the financial turnover of the critically acclaimed
The film 'Life of Brian' (1979) was banned or given an X rated certificate in 39 counties in the United Kingdom. Some counties had not even seen the film (e.g. Harrogate council) but banned it due to word of mouth. Some countries sch as Ireland and Norway banned it from being shown, with some of these bans lasting decades. Despite various bans the film was a box office success becoming the fourth-highest grossing box office film in the UK in 1979. Similarly, it was the highest grossing UK film in the United States that year.
The film contains themes of religious satire which were controversial during the period in which it was released. It was accused of containing blasphemy. As a result there were protests from religious groups. For example, in New York, screenings were protested by Rabbis and Nuns.
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