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Chapter 6 lesson 5, concentration and solubility of solutions

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dan lin

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 6 lesson 5, concentration and solubility of solutions

Measuring the Concentration and Solubility of Solutions
What type of mixture is this?
This salt water solution contains
both a solute and solvent.
The solid (salt) that dissolves is called the solute
The solvent is the liquid (water) that dissolves the solute

The amount of solute that is dissolved in a given quantity of solvent or solution.

The higher the ratio of solute to solvent, the higher the concentration

A solution with a low concentration of solute is said to be dilute

Another way to say that a substance dissolves in water is to say that it is soluble in water (water soluble).

What are some substances that are soluble in water???

What do you think an insoluble substance is?
Give some examples.
Saturated and Unsaturated Solutions

There is a limit to how concentrated solutions can be.
A solution is saturated with a solute when no more of the solute can be dissolved in it.
A solution is unsaturated with a solute when more of the of the solute can be dissolved in it.
What are some variables that
may affect the solubility of a
Activity time

1) Make a saturated solution of water and salt by stirring small amounts of salt into about 100ml of water until no more salt will dissolve.
2)Now that the water is saturated with salt, do you think you will be able to dissolve anything else in water? As a group make a prediction.
3) Test your prediction by trying to dissolve sugar in your saturated solution.
4) Mark down your results and see if your prediction was correct.
There are a few cases where solutions go beyond their saturation points and become a supersaturated solution.
Read pages 153-157
Questions 1,3-5

Think of some solutions that
contain both a solute and a solvent
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