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Me2We Day

Caitlin G. and I attended Me2We day on Oct 12 and 15. This is kinda what it's all about... :)

Hannah Gibbens

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Me2We Day

Me 2 We Day!! My experience at Me2We A Prezi By Hannah Gibbens Big Thanks to: Tania Ian Our Leaders! So... What did I learn? I learned so much at Me2We... I learned what really are the issues in today's
world. Not a few years ago, not in the future, but right now. I learned what some kids go though to to get the stuff in our lives that we take for granted. I learned that children in Africa sometimes have to walk for a mile for water. And then back. That water isn't even clean. They cant wash their food or themselves properly. If they drink it, they could get sick. Sometimes they can not survive the sickness, and die because their water isn't clean. Lots of children cannot attend school because they are out getting water for the whole family. Water that makes them sick. Fortunately, we found a solution. Water Rafiki Chains. These blue beaded chains are made by the Massi Mamas of Kenya, who are employed by Free The Children so they can support their families. Free The Children then sells them to people around the world, just like you. For every $10 chain sold, one person in a developing country gets a year of CLEAN WATER. :) To buy a Rafiki chain... Or to get involved... Or to learn more... Just ask me! Im always open. Are the change... Let's see the world become a better place. If the Leader is the flint... The first follower is the spark. But that's not the only thing that needs to be 3 out of every 9 people who visit food banks are children. There are over 1000 people who visit food banks in Canada, daily. That equals 333+ children living in poverty. done And it all starts with you. But we can change
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