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McNair KeyClub

No description

Alexander Moran

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of McNair KeyClub

McNair Key Club
Welcome to
What is Key Club?
Community service
Who are the Kiwanis?
Global organization- 80 nations
~150,000 service projects and $100 million raised yearly
Kiwanis Club for all ages: Kiwanis Kids, Builder's Club, Kiwanis Educated Youth (KEY) Club, Circle K International, Aktion Club, and Kiwanis.
Kiwanis Club of Greater Lodi
Crab Feed
4th of July Pancake Breakfast
I pledge, on my honor,
to uphold the objects of Key Club International;
to build my home school and community;
to serve my nation and God;
and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.
Building bonds
Community Service and DCM
August 23rd, Sat
10am-12pm Service & 12pm-2pm DCM
1st Page: Basic Info
2nd Page: Medical Authorization
Give Money to Bursar and attach yellow form to application
Turn applications in by September 9
ALSO!!! Keep a copy of the Medical Form
Service Events
Stockton Pride Set Up:
4 spots available, redeem on the event page! Comment "Going on the event page wall"
Aug 23rd, Sat
Oak grove regional park
Lodi Lake
What do you need?
$5 if you want a meal at the DCM
Money donated to PTP
Membership Fee
-Will not be viewed as a Member at the International level
(this means no RTC, Fall Rally, Dcon and etc.)
-Middle College -Ben Holt
-Bear Creek
-Cesar Chavez
Key Club…
• assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world
• performs acts of service in their communities
• teaches and spreads our core values through community service: caring, character-building, inclusiveness, and leadership
• helps members learn leadership skills through meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels
• exists on almost 5,000 high school campuses, 30 different countries, primarily in the United States and Canada

What do we do?
Fundraising Committee
Add us!!!

McNair Keyclub

Vital that you do so
Assist the Treasure in coming up with ideas on fundraisers as well as helping her with the fundrasing events.
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