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Michelle Obama

No description

Madeline Cramer

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama:
Her parents were very strict when it came to school and grades and only allowed one hour of t.v. per day.
"Michelle wanted to make a difference in people's life so she started a program to help kids stay healthy. First, she planted a vegetable garden at the White House." [Stine 97]

Also, upon entering the White House Michelle promised to make life for her daughters as normal as possible. [Stine 89]
In the year of Michelle Robinson's birth [1964] "Congress passes the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bans racial discrimination in public places." [Stine 107]
michelle obama was born on jkanuary 17urefwqi
Michell Obama was born on January 17th 1964 in Chicago Illinois at 1:56 A.M.
Michelle's mother was Marian Shields Robinson and her father was Fraser c. Robinson lll and she also had a brother Craig Robinson
The First Lady
Michelle Robinson was born on January 17th, 1964 at 1:56 A.M. in Chicago, Illinois.
Her Mother is named Marian Shields Robinson and her Father is Fraser C. Robinson III. She also has a brother, Craig Robinson.
In 2013, local Chicago schools are re-introducing kids to recess which they have not had for 30 years [N 2].
Growing Up
"Michelle Robinson grew up in a working class neighborhood on the south side of Chicago."
[Stine 6]
"She practiced her piano lessons without ever being reminded". Her mother said,"she would practice the piano for so long, you would have to tell her to stop."[Stine 19]
Fun fact:" It was a Robinson family tradition to skip second grade. Both of Michelle's parents had skipped second grade. Michelle and her brother Craig also skipped second grade." [Stine 17]
Michelle went to a magnet school called Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. "In high school, Michelle proved she was a natural leader. She served on the student council. Senior year, she served as class Treasurer. Also, Michelle was a member of the National Honor Society." [Stine 24]
"Michelle wanted to attend Princeton like her brother. In the fall of 1981, Michelle arrived at the beautiful campus in Princeton, New Jersey." "In 1985, Michelle graduated from Princeton with honors and in the fall of 1985, Michelle entered Harvard Law School." [Stine 26, 30]
Michelle Robinson married Barack Obama on October 3rd, 1992. Michelle and Barack both worked at Sidley and Austin, a law firm. When Barack first asked Michelle on a date she refused because she was his adviser and she said it was not appropriate. [Stine 34]
In 1991 Michelle's father suddenly died after an operation. She was devastated. [Stine 40]

Michelle and Barack have two daughters. Malia was born on the fourth of July in 1998. Natasha was born on June 10th in 2001. [Stine 53]
riginally Michelle did not want Barack to go into politics because that meant he would be away from home all the time. [Stine 54]
Fun fact: Barack left the decision to run for president to Michelle. Michelle said yes because he would become the first African American president. [Stine 74]
Michelle Obama is famous for being the First Lady of the United States.
Kids look up to Michelle so she started a healthy eating program. [Stine 97]
Michelle Obama married Barack Obama which made her First Lady when he later became the President of the United States
Michelle Obama [states that she started a new program] called Lets Move. These are the five steps to the program:

[1.][ Try] to have 60 minutes of exersice a day
[2.] [Try] a new fruit or veggie
[3.] Drink lots of water
[4.] Do jumping jacks to break up t.v. time
[5.] Help make dinner [t.v commercial]
"Michelle Obama has supported the following charities: Be The Change, Entertainment Industry Foundation, Healthy Child Healthy World, Peace Players International." [Look to the Stars,The World of Celebrity Giving, pg. 1 of 9]
"Michelle Obama began a national conversation on healthy eating by planting the first White House garden since Eleanor Roosevelt's day". "On her first foreign trip as Americas First Lady, Michelle Obama visited a girls school in London to speak about the importance of education and the future role of women." [Stine 97]
In 2010, Michelle Obama started a program called "Lets Move." Getting exercise was just as important as eating right. [Stine 99]
Michelle Obama:The First Lady who never gave up on her dreams. When she set her mind to something she could always do it.
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