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people who enjoy starting fires

nicholas gilbertson

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of skrillex

What or who is Skrillex/Dubstep Skrillex is a dubstep artist/musician/ DJ. works cited
www.udubstep.com/the-history-of-dubstep/ Other well know artist Flux Pavillion, DJ Fresh, Doctor P, NERO, Rusko, Avicii, Mt. Eden, Butch Clancy BASS DUBSTEP LIGHTS Dubstep is a genre of its own, that consist of hard bass drops, heavy bass, and electro noises. Basically a hard version of techno and wasn't perfected or became viral untill mid 2000's The name dub step the name dub step came
to be in 2002
to supply the bass
driven electronic music. Jamaica Dub step is said in legend to have evolved from jamaican dub music, with uses a lot of the disco type sounds with a lot of bass. Sir Darrien DeNure Nicholas Gilbertson the 3rd the marcus mick ... Hannah stietz Top Dubstep Songs Skrillex- Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
Flux Pavillion- Bass Cannon
Flux Pavillion and DJ Fresh- Gold Dust
Flux Pavillion- Cracks
Skrillex- Bangarang
Skrillex- First of the Year
Doctor P- Sweet Shop DROP In conclusion, dubstep is an enjoyable form of music
that all members of the family can enjoy and rock out
too. It's better then rage against the machine!!!! Dubstep showed up around mid 90's
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