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Island Adventure

No description

narielle luions

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Island Adventure

Government System
Government System - Democratic/Communism

The island is divided into four regions.
Every 4 years each region elects 2 Representatives or Elders who meet periodically to discuss the needs of the island. These Elders do not have the power to make any decisions. All decisions are voted upon.
Resource Division
We share all our resources
Homes will differ in size based on family size
All children are educated until they are 18 years old
After age 18 all are given jobs based on what they want to do and what our community needs
Population Growth
Families only have a certain number of children to control population growth
Social & Cultural Structure
On our island we have the freedom to make many choices. Although the main religion is
, all inhabitants can practice any religion they like without being persecuted!

We are all equal, without regard for skin color, ethnicity, or religion!

There no social classes on our island!

We are a very agricultural island!

We are eco-friendly to our animals and plants. We have specific people who will be farmers. These farmers will also have special houses/places to grow the food in a part of the island where it snows less.

Our meals will be based on the type of food that grows at that time of the year. We will eat most of it, but we will also keep some to save just in case there is a time when the food won’t grow (ICOE).

The animals will work for during the day (milk from cows), but when they have finished their work we release them back into the wild. This is so that we don't drain the animals and they will still have a life to live after they help us.
Economic System
We have a mixture of the
pre-market economy
of the early
and a modified version of the
communist economy
Karl Marx

We support the following ideas:
Human contract through effective leadership
Specialization and division of labor
Satisfaction of individual & collective wants/not wealth accumulation
Every resource is owned by all of the people (not the government) equally.

Tibi Gratias
Our Island
The first step in creating our island was to get organized. We came up with a name for our team, and decided which roles each of us would have in the process. In order to create suitable social/cultural structures, a government system, and an economic system for our island we had to make a lot of decisions. We also had to answer a lot of questions, and we had to decide which materials and methods would help us survive and flourish on the island.
In conclusion, our island is unique from other islands because we want equality no matter what you look like, what you have done, and who you are.

Even in in the worst situations (longer than usual winters, poor crops and scarce animal life),we have pulled through and become great. Our island is organized and efficient.

There are now four generations of families living in harmony on our island. Our citizens live to be over 100 years old and 99% of our births are live. We have never had a war, we have never been plagued with disease or famine. Proof that we are stable culturally, socially, politically, and economically.

And that is why we have the best island!
Island Adventure
We are a sustainable living place, so we do not have that much technology. But because of our rocky landscape we have one jeep that is fueled by a liquid formed by pressing the leaves of our berry plants. This vehicle will help us travel across the landscape faster and carry supplies in the open trunk.
BY: Aaron Saunders, Andrew Easterling, Natasha Lyons, and Nolan Lee Team PPPN

Our island is very eco-friendly. We make sure that we are going to keep our island healthy for a long time after we leave. We will use all that we grow and capture . So if we shoot and catch a caribou we will use all of it - food, clothing, blankets, etc. Just like the Native Americans did before us. We only hunt for what we need. We will also use as many reusable and renewable methods as possible. Then the land will stay healthy along with our future generations.
Absolute Location
- 75°18'15.2"N 144°48'58.4"W
Relative Location
- northern part of the Arctic Tundra
Extremely cold, snows daily
Two seasons - winter (9 months/-30* F) & summer
(3 months/ 37*- 50* F)
Mountains and glaciers (mountains of ice)
Finding animals for food
Growing food, like vegetables and fruits
Building houses because the land is not flat
What did each person bring to the island?

We were required to bring any item of our choice.
brought a female cow so that we can have milk.
brought a Jeep.
brought 15,000 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds 40 Variety Pack from Amazon.com that allowed us to have plenty of variety in our diet. Finally,
brought a fire starting kit. So that we had the sure benefit of fire.
Social Studies 7(A) 8
Ms. Karis
June 2, 2016

Aaron Saunders & Andrew Easterling
Andrew Easterling
Nolan Lee
Natasha Lyons
Aaron Saunders & Natasha Lyons Nolan Lee
The ground is frozen most of the year and when it does thaw only a thin layer called
is available for growing. Because of the short growing season only plants with shallow root systems are able to grow.

For example:
Small flowering plants
Lichens (flowerless plants that grow on rocks and trees) Dwarf shrubs (low-growing woody plants)
Salmon-berries (like an orange blackberry)

Our island is rich in natural resources
Animism from the Latin word "anima"
which means
breath, spirit, life
is the belief that animals, plants, and all objects have a spiritual essence. We believe that when it hails, we have made the spirits mad, and when the sun is out, we have mad the spirits proud.
Art & Music
There is a certain time of the day that all people are free to express themselves artistically.

We use the cranberries, blueberries, and other wildflowers to make a paint like mixture. We also use mud to make a clay like mixture for our pottery.

We have different kinds of music and instruments. Our drums are made from a broken, hollowed out tree stump. A flute is made from a smaller hollowed out branch.

And of course we have our voices. We sing about what the future will reveal to us and how great and wonderful the future will be.
Polar Bear
Language, Literature, Folklore
We speak a
that is drawn from Latin because it was one of the first languages we knew of and it is the basis of all other languages.

We tell stories about what we remember from before we came to the island and what the future will hold.

Our written language is very limited and so our stories are passed down using the
oral tradition

Most of the holidays we celebrate are based on religion. We also celebrate a good harvest, births, and marriages.

We also give all workers time off to manage their families and personal business.

The Role of Government
in the Economy
Our citizens do their jobs their own way!

Our government is responsible for:
Ensuring that we produce whatever we need to survive
All are treated equally and given equal shares
Nothing harmful is done to society or the environment
Our Economic Products
We produce fruits & vegetables such as red-berries, salmon-berries, and blueberries. These berries were first produced from seeds. We will also have spears made of long sticks/branches and a spear head stone. We will also have some axes made of branches and stone heads. To tie them together we will use bendy tree bark.

Team Panda, Pickles, Power, and Nolan
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