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The Outsiders Playlist

No description

Madison Currier

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of The Outsiders Playlist

The Outsiders Playlist
Chapter 2: Me and my girls by Fifth Harmony
I chose this song because it is about having friends. Ponyboy has his brothers, Darry and Soda, Two-Bit, Steve, Dally, and Johnny. They would do anything to protect each other. They always have fun together, if its picking up girls, working or partying, They are always together. It didn't matter what their age was they were buddies. I chose this song because after Ponyboy got jumped, they went to check to see if he was alright and to see if he was hurt. After they checked on Ponyboy, they each went their separate ways, but promised to meet each other tomorrow.
Chapter 3: One in the same by Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato
Johnny, Ponyboy, Two-Bit, are walking to Two-Bit's car with Marcia and Cherry. Ponyboy is talking to Cherry about the differences between the Greasers and the Socs. They have a lot in common. They like the same songs, they had little things that were different, but that is normal in everybody. Ponyboy still didn't understand why the Greasers were so different from the Socs if they liked most of the same things. Cherry told him that the difference between Greasers and Socs were that Greasers were more emotional, and that Socs didn't feel anything. I chose this song because it is about being similar. The Greasers and Socs are similar with differences just like everybody.

Chapter 4: Ghost by Ella Henderson
In this chapter Ponyboy an Johnny are in the park late at night. In the park they come across Socs. The Socs start to drown Ponyboy and hurt Johnny. Johnny, scared of being hurt terribly again, stabbed the Socs that has hurting him out of self defence. The Socs died in the park. I chose this song because it is about trying to get away from someone or something. Disappearing or becoming a ghost. In this chapter after Ponyboy and Johnny killed the Soc. They went to see Dally who gave them 50 dollars and a gun. After they took the gun and the money Dally told them to disappear and to go to Windrixville. So they did. I chose this song because Johnny and Ponyboy had to get away so they wouldn't get caught by the police. They had to become ghosts and disappear instantly so they wouldn't get in trouble.
Chapter 5: Stranger in a strange land by Iron Maiden
After Ponyboy and Johnny ran away to Windrixvill. They found a church, and lived in that church for five days. When Ponyboy first woke up, he said he was in a strange place. Somewhere, he was not familiar with, not comfortable. He had never been to the country before, he had always live in the city where there where houses. In Windrixville there weren't many houses around the church and not many people as far as he could tell. Ponyboy was not familiar with the country, he did not fit in. It was strange to him the way the children dressed because they did not dress like he did. Johnny felt the same way. They had to get used to it since they were fugitives at the moment.
Chapter 6: Heroes by Alesso ft Tove Lo
Chapter 1: Count on me by Bruno Mars
Chapter 7: Not over you by Gavin Degraw
Chapter 8: Say Something I'm giving up on you by Christina Aguilera ft. A great big world
Chapter 9: It's so hard saying goodbye to yesterday by Boyz II Men
Chapter 10: Just a dream by Carrie Underwood
Chapter 11: Pretending by Glee
Chapter 12: Firework by Katy Perry
The whole novel: Brave by Sara Bareilles
I chose this song for chapter 1 because when Ponyboy got jumped by the Socs, and yelled for help. His friends rushed out to save him form getting hurt immediately after he shouted. This song is about being able to count on someone no matter what. Ponyboy can count on his friends to save him from anything no matter what it is he can count on his friends to help.
Johnny and Ponyboy had went to Dairy Queen with Dally after not eating properly for a week. When they got back to the church, it was on fire. Johnny and Ponyboy thought it was their fault. Then they heard screams that sounded like it was coming from the church. They ran in the church to save the kids. I chose this song because. it is about saving people who are in danger. The lyrics are " We go hideaway in daylight, We go undercover when under sun, Got a secret side in plain sight " That was Johnny and Ponyboy. They stayed in the church all day, and they both have a secret that everyone is talking about in their home town. When they saved the kids from the church fire, they were considered heroes.
Steve mentioned that after the rumble, when they beat the Socs, he was going to have a party. In chapter 2, Soda said he was going to ask Sandy to marry him and that he loved her. After Steve mentioned the party, Ponyboy asked Soda if he was going to invite Sandy. He didn't answer. Steve answered, that Sandy moved to Florida with her grandmother. I chose this song, because it is about, still being in love with someone and them not loving you back. Soda loved Sandy. In Soda's point of view Sandy didn't love him the same way. The way Soda reacted to Ponyboy's question means he is not over Sandy. That is why I chose this song to represent chapter 7.
While Johnny was in the hospital, it didn't seem he was going to get better. Everyone was losing hope. Even if they didn't show it. I chose this song because it is about exactly that. Losing faith, and hope that the situation isn't going to improve. The lyrics say " Say something I'm giving up on you". I interpret that as, can I do anything that can help, and Ponyboy feels like it was his fault and can the doctors do anything that can make the situation better. To help Johnny. Johnny knew that there was a chance he was going to die. He had excepted it. Ponyboy and Dally had excepted it also, even if they didn't want to admit it. They tried as hard as they could to make Johnny comfortable, and did their best not to give up and believe that he was going to be okay.
The fight was over and the Greasers won. Almost immediately Dally and Ponyboy ran to go see Johnny. They told him that they won. Johnny was dying. He told Ponyboy to stay gold, then he closed his eyes and died. I chose this song because the day before Johnny was alive and okay. This song is about how it is hard to say goodbye to the past. i chose this song because Ponyboy and Dally didn't want to say ggodbye to Johnny, because they couldn't get along without him. That is why I chose this song for chapter 9.
I chose this song to represent chapter 10 because, in this chapter Johnny had just died. Ponyboy and Dally were distraught. Dally and ran out and already taken the car. So, Ponyboy had to walk home, which he didn't mind because he didn't feel like talking. Johnny was his best friend besides Soda. To Ponyboy Johnny who was someone who he can talk to without being judged. As Ponyboy was walking out of the hospital he kept telling himself that Johnny was still alive and that when he got home he would be lying sown in the lot or on their couch. Pretty soon he believed. I chose this song because Ponyboy didn't believe that Johnny died, it was just a dream. A really bad dream that he will soon wake up from and Johnny will be alive and healthy.
I chose this song to represent chapter 11 because, after Ponyboy hd come back and returned to school, all of his friends the kids who he used to talk to, wouldn't even look at him because they were scared of him. People had come by to see if he was alright. One of those people were Randy, Bob's best friend. He came by to see how Poyboy was holding up. When Randy asked about Johnny and the hearing, Ponyboy said that he killed Bob. He didn't understand. He told him that Johnny killed him and that Bob's death wasn't his fault. Darry asked Randy to leave and told him that he was beside himself and that Ponyboy wasn't the same. I chose this song because, Ponyboy was pretending that everything is fine, and that none of this ever happened. The church fire, running away and killing Bob. He was pretending that everything is normal and he is pretending to be tough when he really isn't.
In chapter 12, it has been along time since he saw Johnny and they saved the kids from the fire. He had to go to court for the killing of Bob. He didn't het to say much about how Darry is a good brother and what really happened. After court Ponyboy went home and opened the book he and Johnny read while staying at the church. The book was called Gone with the Wind. As he opened the book, a piece of paper fell out of the book. It was a letter from Johnny. Johnny told him to stay gold. I chose this song because it is about being unique. When Johnny told Ponyboy to stay gold, he ment to stay himself because in the poem, it says no one ever stays unique. Ponyboy watches sunsets and reads books and hets good grades, Johnny didn't want him to change. I chose this song because it is about staying true to yourself and being unique.
I chose this song because it is about song your true self. Ponyboy was scared to show him true self. Ponyboy watch sunsets and reads books. He was scared of being himself around his friends because they din't like the sane things he does. This song is about being brave and being yourself no matter what anybody thinks.
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