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Mongolia by Joey Bruce

No description

Joey Bruce Bruce

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Mongolia by Joey Bruce

Mongolia By: Joey Bruce
4/22/10 Mongolia is located between Russia and China. Most of the land is made up of temperate grassland. Most people in Mongolia live a very nomadic life. Traveling from place to place, and never settling down. For most nomads, a yurt is what they call home sweet home. A yurt is a tent like structure, that can be taken down, and set up again. www.gps.caltech.edu/.../MongolianMap.jpg Groovyyurts.com Mongolians tend to eat a well balanced modern diet.
The three most popular dishes in Mongolia are: Booddog:
Whole roasted goat carcass

Meat cooked with hot stone

And finally, Buuz:
Which is steamed filled meat pockets

Ginandcrumpets.files.wordpress.com farr farnf farmforstatic.flickr.com mongolfood.info Clothing Clothing in Mongolia Consists of: Traditional mongolian hats,
Boots with the toes pointed upward,
and a Del. Which is a loose fitting tunic, made out of a one piece material. www.goodorient.com mongolianshop.com travelpod.com Music The traditional musical instruments in Mongolia are: The Jew's harp (Hel Khuur) www.face-music.ch Lavai, a wind istrument www.face-music.ch Khun tovshuur, a stringed instrument www.face-music.ch the end!
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