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AntiSocial Personality Disorder

No description

Jasmine Diaz

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of AntiSocial Personality Disorder

By: Jasmine Diaz and Maia Mejia
Mr, Plowman
Period 3
February 04 , 2013 Anti-Social Personality Disorder Anti-Social Personality Disorder A personality disorder characterized by many different violent acts without feeling guilt and not accepting that they endanger others and as well as themselves. They take pleasure in harming others and do not care about anyone else besides themselves. Men are more likely to have this disorder Symptoms : Lying and Cheating for fun and amusement.
Not caring about of anything.
Breaking Laws and Becoming Outlaws.
Getting into Fights/Bullying random people.
Always getting angry (moody)
Taking risks ignoring safety.
Impulsive and not thinking of what can happen with there actions.
Being irresponsible , not working , and not paying people back their money. Definition: Why is it a disorder? Causes: This is caused by:
Biologically this is caused by the parents abusing drugs and alcohol while being pregnant or having bad health.
This is Psychologically caused by neglect or abuse as a child while also feeling alone and unwanted. People with this disorder (APD) seem not to care about what happens to themselves or others
They do not care if they hurt someone because they do not know from right and wrong.
He or she can be reckless violent and very impulsive
People with this disorder do not want to change or make an effort to do so. What makes it a Disorder? A disorder only exist when it has:
D-Deviance: Normal people do not kill other people for pleasure
D-Distress:They are depressed,lonely, and do not have any social communication
D-Dysfunction:It interferes with their life because they commit various crimes that might cause them to have life sentences or cause deep depression
D-Danger: Suicide
Endanger others and are harmful Types Of Therapy There is different therapies and medication for the ASPD Pros:
(Can cause dramatic changes in your life) Cons:
It is also only possible to work if you accept that you have a disorder Personal Story Tommy Lynn Sells Resources http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/antisocial-personality-disorder/DS00829
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