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ICT Lesson - Is It Safe to Pay Online?

ICT Lesson

jonathan friend

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of ICT Lesson - Is It Safe to Pay Online?

Timeline 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Advantages:
Manage finances more efficiently
See amount of money in account
Access your account 24/7.
Make payments directly without use of a cheque or debit card.
If more than 1 account can transfer money between them - get best interest rate.
Don't need paper statements - can check online,
'Greener method' Ways to check:

URL changes to https.
Padlock symbol is displayed.
Address bar changes colour. Methods of Online Payment 4 methods can be used to pay for goods.

1. Credit and Debit Cards
2. Third-Party Payment Processors
3. Gift Cards and Vouchers
4. Internet Banking Credit and Debit Cards Both used with a bank account

Credit Card
Plastic card
Buy goods without cash
Money is borrowed and paid back at later (+interest)

Debit Card
Similar to Credit Card
Money taken directly from users account. Third Party Payment Processors Many examples: PayPal.
Allows users to set up online accounts.
Transfer money to account, either by direct debit, credit or debit card.
When they buy goods it transfers money from account.
Online site must support processor. 26% Of The Internet Have Used Online
Auctions As of 2011 Answers to The Quiz 1.c Cash Card
2.a Money belongs to the user
3.a Interest
4.a It is not supported by the site
5.b CCV
6.c Larger Carbon Footprint
7.b CO2 produced by a person
8.c Data on the site is encrypted
9.c 33%
10. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure Credit Card Validation Code Also called CCV code.
Also referred to as security number or code.
Back of the card.
Not embossed on the card.
Not included in black magnetic stripe on back of card - cannot be copied by a dishonest merchant with a card reader.
Level of security to card transactions. Is It Safe To Pay Online? Online Shopping and The Environment ,,, Greenhouse gases - especially CO2
Amount of CO2 someone produces: carbon footprint.
Many activities produce carbon.

Suggestions? Got any answers for
the Quiz yet? L.O. To be able to distinguish between fraudulent and legitimate websites
To be able to spot the key features of secure online payments. Gift Cards and Vouchers Method of buying online and in store.
Can buy for others and yourself
Don't have to give details online Online Banking Secure Sites Homework Write a brief paragraph saying
whether you think it is safe to pay
online. Include a reason for your
choice using the issues discussed
today. America
$176 B
Online UK Spent
£52 B
Online America Spent
$224 B
Online * Facts By RetailResearch.org, & edexcel book * America
$155 B
Online L J O U K E E N P C N Y V I I C K I A E R , , & What percentage of
people have shopped
online in South America?
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