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The Seigneurial System

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joshua bulaong

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of The Seigneurial System

The Seigneurial

Duties Of The Seigneur:
*To build a house and a flour mill on the
*Contribute to the construction of a church
*Divide the seigneury into 32 parts and give land to habitants
*To report to the intendant about the population of the seigneury and the dues paid.
Duties Of The Habitant:
*Use the seigneur's mill and pay the miller
*Pay dues to the seigneury
*Build a house and farm the land
*perform unpaid work for the seigneur a few days
each year
Structure Of The Seigneuries
New France grew along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. The river was the main transportation. Every habitant wanted land along the rivers of new France.
Seigneuries were divided into long, narrow pieces of land. Now, these long strips of land are still visible along the St. Lawrence River.
If any of the seigneurs or habitants did not do their duties, they could get their land get taken away.
Women And The Seigneuries
The king owned owned all the land in New France. He gave the use of the land to people who became seigneurs. The seigneurs split the land into smaller parts and brought settlers called habitants to farm the land. Both the habitants and the seigneurs had specific duties...
This Is A Picture Of The
Seigneurial System
The French systems of justice allowed women to have seigneurial land. The women of New France were encouraged to to marry by the age of 16. Often take the land when their husbands died. Some women kept the land until a son was old enough to farm it.
Thank You For Watching
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