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Summers End

a discription of the book

Justin Stevenson

on 12 November 2009

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Transcript of Summers End

Summers End Main charictors
Main charactor and narrator in the book
At the begining of the book she cares about herself more then her brother but through out the book she finds that she does care about the safty of her brother.

Grace's cousin and freind.
They hang out together at their Grandmothers farm.
Theo convinces Grace that it is ok that Collin ran away as long as he's safe. His brother did the same thing as Collin.

Grace and Theo's cousin and friend
Hangs out with them at the farm
Thinks What Collin and Thatcher (Theo's brother) is wrong because they are deserting the war.
Her brother is fighting in the war

Grace's it a 12 year old girl that
that is about to turn 13 and has a
big party planed. Unfortunatly the day
of her party he brother Collin
burns his draft card. This sends her
father into a fite that causeses him
to cancel her party the day
it was supposed to take place. This
combine with the fighting between
her parents due to there opposing
views on Grace's brother's situation
cause Grace to run off the her
Grandmothers farm in the back
of her uncles truck. At the farm
she dose not find any relief from
arguments about the war. Grace's
cosin Dolly (who mirrors her dad,s
views) and Theo (who mirrors her
mothers views) are alwayse at
each others throuts. At first Grace is
mad at her brother but then thanks
to her mother and Theo's oppinoins
Grace dicides that as long as her
brother is safe nothing else matters r
The whole reason the events in this book took place was because Grace's brother Collin burned his draft card. He did this in protest of the Viatnam War So I thought I would touch on some importent protests that went on during the war.
Orginized Protests of the war started in 1963.
•In 1964, students marched in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle and the farm state capitol of Madison, Wisconsin.
In 1965 teachers at the University of Michigan organized a teach-in to oppose the war. In April 25,00 people marched on Washington.

Protest on the war in viatnam In May the first draft card burnings
took place. This is exactly as it sound
kids burnt there draft cards witch
were there invitations into the war. They
were not sapposed to turn this down In
June protesters marched on the pentigon
and tried to stop trains transporting toops.They are many many more demonstrationsI could talk about that lasted all through out the war but I just wanted to touch on a couple so you could get the idea of how pasionate people where about stopping the war.
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