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TJ Auto WI Map

No description

Christa Guo

on 15 June 2017

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Transcript of TJ Auto WI Map

TJ Auto WI Map
By Jiayi (Christa) Guo
TJ Auto
WI for the sorting room:
Lever - 754/5 - seperate left/right hand side
Lever - 56/57 - check bending leg (plastic black/white)
Worm gear - short shot - (88E)
Pink clip - pick 5 - seperate 5 out of 1-5 (33787567)
Gear spur - wring - part no.
Housing - cavity 3 - seperate 3 out of 1-8 (72)
WI for the line 223:
Products: GM cinch latch
Highpot - resistence 42/420/OL - part no.
GM latch - white box test - 19214/16
GM Latch - missing seal - unscrew bolts and put O-ring on.
WI for line 262/3:
Products: D2UC
Sensors: 3044601A-01S - water test & white clip
Finished Goods: D2UC - GP12 - foam, clip, sensor position, surface, number, label, resistance;
WI for line 225:
Products: Subaru upper
Sensors: 45/46 - no more checking
Finished Goods: 19012/3 - Gravity test - use pins to insert into the connector and shake it towards floor and see whether the pins drop in 2 seconds.
WI for line 500/1:
Products: Honda Pilot; GM C1UG; C1UL
Sensors: 3042032B & 3041577B - water test - green china marker; 3040025B & 3038676C - length measure- black marker & special sticker on the box
Finished Goods: NA
WI for line 502/3:
Products: Honda CRV; GM E2WO; D2UG; C1YC; C1YB
Sensors: 3044397 & 3044396 - wiggle - black marker; 3047311 & 3045966A & 3045407 & 3044587A - water test - green china marker
Finished Goods: CRV - 41500C/3C - 4 foams
WI for D2 plant:
Products: D2WO; ECU
Sensors: 3042028B - water test - repack - green china marker - count quantity and label it
Latch - charge 5 parts and wait till IDLE and read the voltage between 2400~2600mv; test them in black box with OS Unl Hnd 1 on/off twice and if the latch come out it is good.
WI for line 305:
Products: V363/P552/P558
Lever: 90 - check lever curvature - 30 degree
Latch - 19257G - check lever curvature - if it has angel and cannot override black part it is good otherwise it is bad
WI for the line 307:
Products: V363
Online process: tie a knot and check
WI for 238/239:
Products: CCC2
CCC2 latch - child lock - test force by pulling the switch if it over 5.0N it is good otherwise it is bad.
CCC2 latch - take apart - cinch to the end and unscrew the bolts and take latch apart.
Lever - 3031752C/53C - check bending and seperate RH/LH (RH is good)
WI for line 104/5:
Lever - 43/44/62 - check bending (metal blue/white)
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