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Mrs. Jones' 7th Period Class Group 2

No description

John Bendekovits

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Mrs. Jones' 7th Period Class Group 2

Hunter T Sally W. Mrs. Jones' 7th Period Class Group 2 Jennah B Nicole W. Daniel T Zech L Jade Z Stephanie C. Water moves swiftly. Spring will soon be here. The Rushing water Nature is pretty The first blossom will now bloom. Waterfalls are relaxing The mountain is high. I love waterfalls Tumbling down the steep slope Pretty view for all to see. Water shines beautifully I love waterfalls Robins start to chirp. Reaching to the sky. Lapping with no hope Wonderful flowers It whispers softly Cool swift soft night air The High and Pretty Mountain Waterfalls Waterfalls Careless breeze sways grass gently Gentle wind whistles Magical Water Nighttime Breeze Spring A lot of people watch them NATURE Water is pretty. They look magical Water is quite wonderful. I love my water. Water Falling water
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