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Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Storage

No description

Jake Stainer

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Storage

You have less control of your data. You also have to pay for online storage, after the free data limit. You have to be within a network area to access your files. Your data could get hacked. Your data might not be kept private. There can sometimes be a cost for online data storage.

By Jake, Josh, Imogen and louis
This presentation will allow you to understand what online storage is and the advantages and disadvantages of it.
Avantages & Disadvantages Of Online Storage
By storing data online you’re saving disk space, as well as this you’re able to access your data worldwide which means you don’t have to carry a hard drive disk. You’re able to share data with friends and family easily and in a secure manner. it can also provide quick recovery of your folders and files if anything was to go wrong. This means that it is more safe and secure. You can make an automatic back up happen on your personal computer which will avoid manual backup of your files. Online storage reduces the cost of buying hard drives etc.

Online data storage refers to the storage of data online without using a hard drive or any other type of storage device. It is an alternative to traditional local storage methods. It can also be called “Hosted Storage,” “internet storage” or “Cloud Storage. In recent years, the number of online storage providers for both consumers and businesses has increased dramatically.
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