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No description

Bernhard Wagner

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Surveillance

What is surveillance ?
Types of surveillance
Surveillance State
the government monitors his citizens and visitors for security purpose...to prevent crime and terrorism
The government, organizations and companies are spying on you!
Surveillance is a close and purposeful observation of people or objects
traffic cameras, internet surveillance against terrorism
shade of suspicious persons or cameras in stores and public places...
monitoring of computer and network activities
most of them are secret and may be done by government, by corporations, criminal organizations, or individuals (not really legal)
there are special programs to spy your hard disk
-> Trojans
monitoring and saving Data and traffic in the Internet

observation of your telephone
(telephone calls, sms, data...)
the observation of people and things at public places and stores
mostly are used for the security of people or valuables
can be also used as marketing research in supermarkets
often not seen and hidden
also used for traffic controls
some cameras have facial recognition (esp. USA)
mobile phones can be also used to detect your approximate position
very useful to governments to
maintain social control
recognize and monitor threats
and prevent/investigate criminal activity
: a judicial decree is needed to observe someones telephone
all telephone calls can be monitored all time and in real time by special agencies and also SMS can be read
data preservation of the Providers
all broadband internet traffic (emails, web traffic, instant messaging, etc.) by the Communications Assistance For Law Enforcement Act

any technology that measures and analyzes human physical and behavioral characteristics for identification,
Facial recognition
affective computing
facial recognition data, iris/retina (eye) scanning, fingerprints, affective computing...
cameras scan your face, analyze it and save the data
they can recognize you
or they can find "suspicious people" in large crowds based on their face
cameras can read your face expression and your general behavior so they can also find suspicious people in the crowd
Examples in the History:
Sowjet Union and East Germany (DDR)
restricts the freedom especially the freedom of expression
the collected data can be misused
mistakes could occur: suddenly you get arrested for crimes another person did who looked like you
also if the government observe everything, criminals would customize
no privacy

Prism and Tempora
Edward Snowden published secret information about the NSA surveillance (whole Europe was affected)
top secret program from the NSA (USA)
part of a much bigger program called stellar wind
the nine biggest Internet companies are involved, like Google, Facebook, Microsoft...
it collects all the communication data
of the people in the Internet
allegedly only for the
fight against terrorism
not really clear what is being
top secret method of the UK to observe people worldwide
more extensive than PRISM
from the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)
has two big goals:
-mastering the Internet
-"Global Telecoms Exploitations"
(Weltweite Telekommunikationsabschöpfung)
nobody knows what it does exactly
There are many more!
Your Turn!
How you can prevent to get observed
it is quite impossible
use a proxy if you surf in the internet and nobody should know
prevent public places and places with cameras
use independent search machines
disable the location tracking on your smartphone
don't use social networks
observing of people and their behavior by corporations
mostly for marketing research (to get customized advertisement: target advertising)
info can also be given to the government or sold to other companies
Example: Google (also reads your e-mails on g-mail!)
US agencies like the NSA has formed an "information sharing" with 34,000 corporations
other types
Satellite imagery: satellites are watching you

RFID tagging: small chips on objects, so you can locate them and get information about them. In future also planned for people

Postal services: people observe your post
NSA (National Security Agency)
the biggest foreign-intelligence agency of the USA who is responsible for the worldwide observing, decoding and analysis of communication data.
is part of the us intelligence community (CIA, FBI...)
biggest goal is corporate espionage and political spying of friendly states of the USA
gets controlled by the United States Department of Defense
Director is General Keith B. Alexander,
what the us citizens think
now split in two groups
one side of the class should be for surveillance and think about arguments for surveillance the other group should think about arguments against surveillance
one side is the government the other side is a human right organisation
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