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Effects of Bases on Living Things and the Environment

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Trey Espinoza

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Effects of Bases on Living Things and the Environment

Effects of Bases on Living Things and the Environment
By Trey Espinoza, Marianne Perera, Kaitlin Moore, and Stevinn Rodriguez.
A Base is anything with a pH level greater than 7
Bases feel slippery and become less basic when mixed with acids
Bases vs. Acids
For example, in H2O, if a liquid produces more hydroxide (OH) its a base, if it produces more hygrohen (H) its an acid.

Effects on Living Things
•Bases can cause mutations in some animals when exposed in large amounts.
•It can cause burns to skin, if not diluted.
•Potassium hydroxide can be harmful to aquatic & human life, because it is used to unclogging drains.
•Bases can cause the soil to disrupt the growth of plants.
•Plants grow well when grown in soil and rocks that contain bases, such as Alkaline.
Characteristics of Bases
•Bases have a bitter taste.
•They tend to be slimy & slippery.
•They can break down dirt and plaque.
Therefore bases are often used for cleaning, (soaps, detergent, etc.)
Bases, The Environment & Living Things
Effects of Bases
on the Environment
Which home accessories pollute the environment the most?

a) soap
b) saliva
c) waste
d) acids
2. Where does most pollution from bases come from?
a) power plant
b) homes
c) swimming pool
d) landfill
3. What is a base?
a) a bottom of a cylinder
b) a substance capable of reacting with an acid to form salt and water
c) both a & b
d) none of the above
4. What is an alkaline solution?
a) a solution with more hydroxide ions than hydrogen ions
b) a solution like battery liquid
c) water
d) all of the above
5. What affects do bases have on the natural environment?
a) a change of color of the plants
b) overpopulation of plants
c) cause the soil to disrupt the growth of plants
d) kills off all the plants
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