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Caeleys prezi about ship wrecks

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Room 7 Maungatapere

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Caeleys prezi about ship wrecks

By Caeley
How ship wrecks effect marine life
When a ship wreak happens, what effect does it have on our sea creatures?
What effect does oil have on them?
How do these things effect our marine ecosystem?
What are some of these ships affecting our shoreline?
The Rena ship wreck.
-The Rena's oil spill was in the Tauranga area.
-The oil spill was caused by the Rena crashing into the Astrolabe reef. -The amount of oil split was up to 1,700 tonnes.
-In the storm about 30 to 70 containers washed up on shore

At 2:20am on Wednesday 5 October 2011. The Rena sailed in clear weather to Tauranga. Oil from the Rena began to wash up on the shores of Mount Maunganui beach. The ship was pushed up onto the coral in the storm that happened that night. In that storm containers got washed up on the shore of Motiti Island. On October 12 2011 in the afternoon footage showed a huge crack in the hull of the Rena. The people of Tauranga feared it might break and sink into the water and crush the sea life underneath it. Soon footage also showed that there was a crate being followed by smoke. It was thought that a chemicals reaction was forming. By the time October 14 had arrived and the Rena had been cracked in two pieces but was still together because of it's internal structure and the Astrolable reef beneath it. Soon the weather was much calmer and a crew was put together to pump out any oil left. Also the wind had changed and was heading to Whakatane and Opotiki better weather was now upon the Rena .
How does oil affect the sea life?
How do oil spills affect the predators of the ocean?
Many people can help change this. Like in the Rena ship wreck, the community helped to clean up the mess that the oil had made. We can also help by making more marine reserve and less shipping.

Sinking of HMS Orpheus
Cool Facts
-Oil can effect animals very badly.
-Oil can also become thicker this is called weathering.
-This is how the food chain gets affected.
-Oil can cause creatures to drown or suffocate.
Animals breath oil, eat it and drink it into their bodies.We all see the news and all the affected. The animals can't handle the thick, gooey chemical called oil. Oil is a light chemical so it floats on the surface Seals, Dolphins and other animals think it's a food source. Oil vapors can also bring damage to the eyes and lungs. Some vapors are dangerous enough to make marine animals drown.
-When a predator is affected by oil it can kill the creature or affect it badly.
-Many marine animals from dolphins to turtles and sea birds are effected by marine oil spills.
When oil is spilled creatures like whales can get covered in oil as well, oil can cover their blow holes and enter their lungs making there breathing difficult. The oil can also get into the animal's eyes and may affect their vision.
When turtles surface they can breath in oil vapors and residues which can cause respiratory problems if it gets into the lungs. Oil can get into the eyes and cause terrible damage. If oil gets into the turtles mouth it can potentially damage there internal lungs. The predators can also collect oil by eating other animals that have being covered in oil.

-Orpheus was 60 meters and had a crew of 259.
-Her captain was Robin Heron Burton.
-The ship was owned by the the royal Navy.
While the HMS Orpheus was on her first trip she hit a sand bar. Soon force of the surf caused the ship to expose its port side to the waves. The waves shattered the cabin windows and hatches burst open, she began to take on water. Most of the crew tried to save there lives by jumping into the surf but got swept away and drowned. At 8:00pm the masts began to break. Some of the crew boarded another ship but others weren't quick enough and the remaining crew died but some survived.
How Do Shipwrecks Effect Marine Life?
By Caeley
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