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Carmen Torres

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Outlier

In Outliers the author, Malcolm Gladwell takes us on a path on how he views individuals and their arrival to "success."
The journey takes us on a twist, learning about great people who have impacted the world, like Bill Gates and Joseph Flom .
Also many who have done small differences in their community like Robert Oppenheimer and Christopher Langen. The cover represents in general all key points of Malcolm. *The head "X-ray" picture represent how the mind works and Malcolms opinion on intelligence.

*The clock and the number 10,000 represent "10,000 hour rule" and Malcolms clarification that 10,000 hours of practice is how much is needed to be good at the specic thing

*The hockey stick picture represent another examine to the thesis Malcolm reveals, stating why Canadian hockey players are chosen when they are born in the beginning of the year. Outliers : The Story of Success The Key Points we found. . . 1. The Mathew effect stating that some are given the opportunity or advantage that others aren't therefore given them a lucky chance to become more successful than the next.

2. "Jobs came out of age breathing the air... he would later dominate." (66) Depending on the time and year you were born describes Malcolm, as he states that you needed to have been born in the correct time and the time where the experience is needed. 4 / 5 Marbles The marbles represent the cover of the book which shows that one marble is separated from its group making the single marble an outlier.

The book is given a four out of five. We did not give the book the complete five marbles because we felt that the author , Malcom, gave at times too much of a detailed summary of each individuals life. Vocabulary by : Araceli Gonzalez & Carmen Torres (: Presenting Outliers Malcolm Gladwell 6. Prodigy: noun
person having extraordinary talent or ability
Synonym: wonder-marvel
We recognize Einstein as a prodigy due to his theories.

7. Enmeshed: verb
to catch; as in a net
Synonym: entangle
Enmeshing nets would catch bigger fish and crab for tonights dinner.

8.Subpoenaed: noun
the submission of evidence as records or documents
Synonym: written order
A subpoena witness is called to give evidence in a trail.

9. Hydraulically: adj
operated by movement
Synonym: moved by
The hydraulically bike got me to school as quick as possible.

10. Cajoling: verb
to persuade by flattery or promise
Synonym: Glorifying - idolizing
Carmen easily cajoling her sisters when she wants them to get their chores done. In the beginning of chapter 3 we are introduced with Chris Langen and shortly after understanding that point of view Malcom throws at us Oppenheimers story, but even before we understand what became of Oppenheimer, Malcom reminds of Bill Joy and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. We lost the connection and did not feel it again until the end of the chapter witch of course made sense and brought it all together but as soon as you understood the factor that was layed out Malcolm through more factors to twist your mind. On a positive note the book opened our minds and made us think outside of the box and that's why at the same time we loved it as well. 1. Outlier : noun
something that is situated away from or classed differently from a main or related body
Synonym: Original
The red apple in the back cover of the book is an outlier in the middle of all of the green apples.

2. Tumultuous : adj
raising a great clatter and commotion
Synonym: uproarious
As we enter the cafeteria it was tumultuous.

3. Arbitrary : adj
subject to individual will or judgement without restriction
Synonym: high-handed
Our sisters show arbitrary attitude when wanting to watch rated R movies.

4. Algorithm : noun
a set of rules for solving a problem on a infinite number of steps, as for finding the greatest common divisor.
Bill joy created a particularly complicated algorithm during his oral exams for his Phd.

5. Subversive : adj / noun
a person who adopts subversive principles or policies.
Synonym: destructive
As a child he become subversive and followed him through his teenage years. your going
to want to
read it (: the magic
is in the
curls . Summary *The Beatles is another important observation of Malcolm and also the message that comes from pilots and experiences. *Important people like Oppenheimer, Bill Gates, and Joe Flom, we placed on the cover because Malcolm becomes repetitive with their lives. *The most important picture we placed was the key to success we placed this picture because like any human being Malcolm Gladwell has his own theory on how to be or what is success and stating that success is what we make it and giving it our best throughout ife but most importantly being happy. As we engage with the story, Malcolm reveals factors that support his theory of success.
We later understand his other points of view on why Canadian ice hockey players born in the first months of the year become better than others, how The Beatles become the most successful musical acts in human history , and how cultural differences play a large part in intelligence and decision making.
This becomes a book of mystery, but the best and the brightest with answers you never had questions to.
So back to Malcolms question ... What makes high-achievers different? Read and find out. 4. "The termites" two groups created by Oppenheimer where they are "A Group" and "B Group" as the research continue Malcolm discovers Oppenheimeers results that as the A Group: the termites are given analytical and practical intelligence they grow with opportunities set before the. Also, the entitlement given to them as kids gives them in advantage of self-esteem. 3. Analytical intelligence and the practical intelligence differences and their importance. Analytical: coming for your genes or what your born with or inherited. Practical: the knowledge you obtain as you grow, what you teach yourself to be as you grow up and circumstances you are faced with now and face the rest. 5. Basic 3 things in success. (148) .1. Authority (independence or freedom) 2. Complexity 3. Connection between efforts and reward
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