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Black Saturday Bushfires

No description

Finn Furtney

on 21 December 2016

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Transcript of Black Saturday Bushfires

Black Saturday Bush Fires
What is the Biosphere?
The biosphere is every living organism on the planet, plus all of the non-living things in an ecosystem too. it is the one sphere that supports life.
Black Saturday Fires Summery
Black Saturday happened on February 7th 2009. It was dubbed 'Black Saturday' not because they added an extra shopping day on the calender but because of the smoke and ash in the air from the fires. Many deadly bush fires swept through southern Victoria destroying 2000 homes, 3500 structures, injuring 500 people, killing 173 people and nobody's really sure about the wildlife death toll but it could have reached into the millions. 78 Victorian towns were quite directly effected including the towns of Marysville, Kinglake and Flowerdale. Some towns were shut off from the outside world for more then 48 hours. There were more then 19,000 fire fighters helping to fight these bush fires, only one lost their life.
How did the Fires Impact the atmosphere?
What is the atmosphere?
The atmosphere is the layer of gases surrounding the earth. It's job is to trap in the earth's heat like a green house to keep us warm. It also protects us from meteors and too much of the suns heat and it contains the oxygen that we breathe.
How did the fires Impact the lithosphere?
The ash from all the fires was actually good for the soil, because it acted as a fertilizer. The space cleared by some the trees that burned made new space for new trees that could grow.
Where is Victoria?
Victoria is one of Australia 6 states. It is right below New South Wales, next to South Australia and right above Tasmania. The capitol of Victoria is Melbourne. Its population is 6,039,000.
Victoria was first declared a state in 1850. It is quite a southern state and the highest regions will sometimes see snow in June. There were over 30 aboriginal tribes living in and around Victoria before the English settled it.
What is the lithosphere?
The lithosphere is the top of the mantle and the earths crust.
Though the atmosphere

has 4 levels it is all included
as the atmosphere.
The smoke and ash from the fire got into the into the air. That made the air super polluted.
The smoke and ash in the air gave the Black Saturday Fires their name.
How did the Fires Impact the biosphere?
The biosphere was impacted by the Black Saturday Fires by the mass loss of wildlife, loss of trees and the loss of people.

Many wildlife species faced extinction because the Fires pushed them off their land and their numbers were dropping like crazy.
What is the hydrosphere?
The hydrosphere is all water on earth. Even under the ground (ground water) and up in the air/atmosphere. It is a key part in life because all livings things need water.
How did the Black Saturday Bush Fires Impact the hydrosphere?
Fire fighters used a lot of water from streams and brooks to fight the fires. This greatly diminished a lot of the Victorian water supply. Because Victoria was already in a bad drought this got a lot of people worried.
All the smoke and ash in the air from the fires is why it is called Black Saturday.
The 12 Apostles
Victorian Bush
Sphere to Sphere Connections
atmosphere- hydrosphere
atmosphere- lithosphere
Black Saturday Bush fires
I couldn't find a connection for Lithosphere to Hydrosphere.
The Ash from the fires fertilized the soil and the cleared space were really good conditions for young saplings. This made a chance for new plant life and a healthier bush.
Hydro- Litho
There was no moisture in the air making everything really dry, also Victoria was in a record setting 12 year drought so that killed a lot of trees before the fires even hit. Then when the fires rolled through there was already dead trees just lying around becoming fuel for the fires.
I couldn't find any connections for this one.
I couldn't find any connection for this one either.
There would be less trees after the fire to filter CO2 to oxygen. Also because the amount of land destroyed by the fires was so great, the loss of trees would be huge. Plus the air pollution would get into the lungs of people and wildlife such as Koalas and Kangaroos.
I think the spheres that were most impacted from the Black Saturday Bush Fires were the Atmosphere and the biosphere.
The atmosphere because of all the smoke and ash in the air. You could see the smoke from Melbourne in some places. Also because there would be more CO2 because of the loss of trees.

An the biosphere because of the mass loss of life and trees. Over 2 million trees alone were burnt up from the fires.
Photos from the Fires
Black Saturday
Thankyou for watching
My prezi on Black Saturday Bush fires
By Finn Furtney
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