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School Age Programs

No description

Kourtney Mills

on 17 August 2017

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Transcript of School Age Programs

Before & After School LK Orientation

Equipment & Board Games
Take care of them!
Do not write or stick stickers all over them!
All board games should still be at the school

Make sure to grab your gym games before you leave today!
Our Goals for the School Year
Have the best school year EVER!!
Be the best staff we can!
Keep Students Safe!!
Better relationships and communication with parents!
Becoming more organized!
Taking better care of games and equipment!
Directors being self-motivated to get their training hours!! :)

Conduct With Parents
Greet parents as they Enter/Exit
Make small talk if possible
speak to them when their child is in trouble
Show yourself friendly!!
Conduct With School Staff
On the first day introduce yourselves to office staff & principal.
Greet all other staff that interact with you (janitors, lunch ladies, etc..)!
Make sure to ask before using school equipment
DO NOT, however, seek advice from school officials--KOURTNEY is your only contact person!
Conduct With HAC
Staff @ Sites
Respect one another
If there is an issue, work it out
Don't talk about one another to other people at your site.
If you don't feel comfortable talking to them--talk to me
Enter cell phone numbers into your personal cell of those you work with -- communication is very important
Share site cell phone duty & answering the door!
Practice personal cell phone etiquette- if your expecting a call, tell your co-worker!
Stay together as a group (ALWAYS)! Unless your in ratio!
Conduct with Students
Introduce yourselves & any new staff
Tell them your expectations and itinerary on the 1st day! (Reminders will be needed)
them all the places you use (Bathroom, cabinet, drinking fountain, etc...)
Enforce a way to get attention without yelling
Never yell
Do not joke harshly
MALE STAFF-rough play, female students
Treat students like you would if their parents are standing there!
Be a role model to the student, not their aunt/uncle
Interact with them! Your involvement will encourage their involvement.
Do NOT allow students to sit in laps/hang on you/etc.
RainedOut Notification System
WELCOME to a new
school year!!
Discipline Options
1. Sit out of the Game/Activity
2. Owe Time (w/Stopwatch)
3. Write Sentences
4. Move away from their friend
5. Stand or sit by teacher
6. Much More!!
7. Lastly Write-Up
Behavior Incentives
Front of the line
weekly helper (Pass out snack, etc)
bathroom monitor
student of the week
gym game picker of the day
Rewards for going above & beyond-Smarties
Arriving to Work
be ready to work by the time listed (3:30)
put your personal belongings in the cabinets
Start getting supplies out (Clipboard, juice, snack, etc)
Communicate about what the day consists of
Be in appropriate Uniform (Handbook)
What Happens if I am sick or cant
cover my shift??
The staff member will:
Call/Text the sub (Am Sub: ME--PM Sub: Isa)
show up if they cant find someone
If they are extremely sick/contagious w/ doctors note & cant find someone, call Me (Which you will be calling me in AM Anyways !
The staff member can:
Ask a sub in advance-tell Kourtney
Check Time Off Binder & Turn in a Time off Request & Ill find a sub (If possible)

Snack Time Procedures
Wipe off with klorox wipes before and after snack.
Take the group to the restroom to wash their hands before AND after snack
Pass out the same snack UNLESS the child is allergic or has a parent provided snack.
Pass out one napkin, one snack, and one drink (3/4 cups of juice) to each child.
Policy for Checking Out a Child
Door will be locked
director & Leader will check ID for all parents!!
Check Names against child's file
Make special note of those who cant have contact w/ certain people!!
make sure the clipboard is w/ the leader/director at all times...no laying it down on the table!!!
What should the staff member be doing during Activities??
Transitioning to a New Activity
Make sure that all students are engaged & on task!
Actively be engaged with students
listening/watching them.
Keeping Track of the Number of kids
Give students a 5 minute warning before cleaning up
Instruct students to clean up
Help students put away materials in an ORDERLY FASHION!!
Instruct students to pick up any trash & push in chairs
NOT leave the room/Bathroom until its left CLEAN!!
Take charge when things need done or cleaned.
Sick Child Procedure

SOS Days & Spring Break
Mission & Goals
Take temp-ALWAYS
Call parents ;) Even if its just to inform them!
have them sit out/lay their head on the table
Recognizing & Reporting
Child Abuse
If a child tells you something that needs reported you can call & let me know. As well as call & report it.
If you see something that is cause for concern, document it on paper and store it in kids file
If you are questioning something call and talk to me, not the school counselor.
Always keep track of the total number of kids that you have in your care at all times!
Prevention & Response to Food allergies

Be sure to know the children's food allergies
Post the children'f food allergies on the cabinet
Examine any snacks before passing out to note any allergies
Some children with food allergies have an epi pen
some have benedryl cream
Emergency Preparedness
each school has an emergency plan outlined
Get familiar with it/get the kids familiar with it
Always take the first aid kit, file box & site cell phone.
handling Hazardous MATERIALS
Staff will be scheduled to work SOS day!

You MUST be available to work at least 2 or 3 days over spring break!
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