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The Great Gatsby- Chapter 5

No description

Erin Sobolewski

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby- Chapter 5

The Great Gatsby- Chapter 5 By Bethany Re, Erin Sobolewski, and Kassidy Stine Learning Target I can... Identify the most important information regarding plot, setting, characters, symbols/motifs, and themes in chapter 5. sdklkfldsjf Characters Nick Carraway Jay Gatsby Daisy Buchanan honest
outsider, gets to witness events for what they are
go-between for Daisy and Gatsby
doesn't support Gatsby and Daisy's relationship
page 101: "There must have been moments even that afternoon when Daisy tumbled short of his dreams- not through her own fault but because of the colossal vitality of his illusion." Themes Themes American Dream
Illusion Authorial Decisions Symbols/Motifs believes money can buy anything
awkward/sincere with Daisy
living in the past
romantic- idealized image of Daisy
page 96-7: "He hadn't once ceased looking at Daisy and I think he revalued everything in his house according to the measure of response it drew from her well-loved eyes." Nick Carraway as the narrator Connections Scarlet Letter
Dimmesdale v. Gatsby
Huck Finn
Daisy v. Duke and King has changed a lot when they reunite
constant quality- she is always changing
can't live up to Gatsby's expectations
lives in the moment
likes wealth and money
page 98: "They're such beautiful shirts. It makes me said because I've never seen such- such beautiful shirts." Setting Gatsby offers Nick a job
awkward reunion between Gatsby and Daisy
Gatsby starts to think it was a mistake
find out Gatsby lost the money he inherited
Nick and Daisy go to Gatsby's house
Nick wonders about Gatsby and Daisy's relationship
forget about Nick after Plot West Egg
Nick's house, not as nice as Gatsby's
smaller, ragged lawn
Gatsby's mansion
more elaborate
showed his wealth, which Daisy admired
raining off and on throughout the chapter Money Weather Gatsby's house Green Light Reality not meeting expectations
Concluding Synopsis Question/Answer How would the story be different if it was told from an alternate perspective?

What do you think Daisy was thinking when she saw Gatsby for the first time after 5 years?

How do you think Daisy and Gatsby would have acted if Nick wasn't present during the reunion? The same or differently? Use of light/dark imagery Locations/different settings Overall, it is easy to see how everything in this chapter realistically reflects the behaviors and mentality that people had during this time period. Fitzgerald accurately shows the values and morals of people in this new movement and analyzes them through Nick's character throughout the story. Each of the symbols throughout this chapter helps to express the themes Fitzgerald includes in the story to show what was important to people living at the time. By including characters that are similar to people in the 1920s, this novel clearly represents the time period. Colors
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