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Slavery in West Africa

No description

Tamsyn Duncan

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Slavery in West Africa

1. Slavery in West Africa
Slaves traveling across the desert
Mali before Europe
West Africa is the region of about 4 million km sqaured (4 x SA)
North of West Africa - Sahara Desert
To the South and East - Atlantic Ocean

Trans-Saharan slave trade
This means traveling across the Sahara Desert.
This slave trade had been operating for centuries.
Black Africans were transported across the Sahara to parts of Europe and the Middle East.
West Africa
There was slavery in Africa for a long time.

People became slaves because:
They were criminals
They owed people money
Families sold members because of famine.
They were caught during war
(prisoners of war).

Slaves were moved across the
Sahara Desert to wherever they
were needed.

The Mali empire was powerful and successful in the 14th century.
There were lots of educated people – teachers, doctors, judges, priests.
Many people went there to learn.
Many people went there to trade.
Timkuktu was an Islamic religious place.
PEOPLE WERE HAPPY AND PEACEFUL…but then things began to change with slavery
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