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Nicole Denisse Montecinos

on 17 April 2016

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Transcript of Wales

Wales is a peninsula in the west of Great Britain and also is the one of the four countries of the UK. This others countries are England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
The type of food in Wales is similar to that found in the rest of the United Kingdom and includes a variety of food from other cultures and nations.

Many stories and legends sprang up about David and his Welsh monks.

Typical food
Saint David, Wales pattern
The Six Nations Championship
The Six Nations Championship is an annual international rugby union competition involving six European sides: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales.
Wales as touristic place
Wales was ruled by England from year 1284 and officially incorporated into England
Official Languages : English and Welsh.
*Recognized as an official language in 1966.
*Welsh is a celtic language
Closest to the Breton language spoken in a part of France.
*In the actuality the use of welsh has declined.

Religion: Methodism; Anglicanism;
Presbyterianism; Roman Catholicism; small
numbers of Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs

Population: 3,064 millions
"cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon"
Welsh people
"Cymru am byth"
Anthem: Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau
Brief history and important facts
Wales is one of the Celtic nations.
Wales has its own cultural identity , this was formed after the withdrawal of Roman Britain
Llewellyn defeat by Edward I. Anginormada
conquest. English occupation. Wales was incorporated
into England by Statute of Rhuddlan and "Act of union".
Is developed a local policy. 1995 Cardiff is chosen
as the capital of Wales. 1999 is created the National
Assembly for Wales.
Welsh Government
It is accountable to the National Assembly for Wales, the legislature which
represents the interests of the Welsh people and makes laws for Wales
. The National Assembly was created by the Government of Wales Act 1999.
Also is the holder of executive function and decentralized regulatory power in the UK. Since 2006 is an independent executive body responsible before the Welsh parliament.
The Welsh Government consists of the
First Minister
, and maximum of twelve
ministers and deputy ministers
, appointed by the First Minister; and a Counsel General, nominated by the First Minister and approved by the National Assembly.
The current
First Minister is Carwyn Jones
, formally appointed by the Queen on 12 May 2011, who appointed ten ministers and deputy ministers.
The Counsel General is Theodore Huckle QC.
First minister Carwyn Jones
Counsel General
Theodore Huckle
Some important people
Some battles
Cultural movements
Welsh rarebit
Glamorgan Sausage
Welsh cake
Wales as touristic place
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