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amazing atlas

No description

mohamad younes

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of amazing atlas

perspectives GENERALLY They express themselves creatively, be it through songs, drawings or films. They’re the aspiring writers in an age where no one reads TECHNOLOGY They’re young, no stranger to computers. You won’t see them spending a weekend on World of Warcraft
But if your MacBook Pro won’t start you know who to call. ENTERTAINMENT If you’ve heard of a movie, then they’ve probably watched it six months ago.
Cinema buffs with a taste for the foreign or obscure, they know more about Soderbergh’s Kafka than your little sister does about Twilight. The techno boho does their best to do something no one else will; experience something few others have.
This genuine romanticism of the obscure is what sets them apart from their poorly-dressed cousin, the hipster. NOT MAINSTREAM ! lol No techno boho is actually a techno boho. In their eyes they’re one of a kind.
In spite of this, it’s not hard to spot one. Just look for the mismatched clothes, interesting hairstyle choice, laptop bag and a wrinkled copy of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment in-hand. You’re probably looking at a techno boho. UNIQUENESS #* were much more advanced ... What do you sell to the modern-day bohemian ?? " '' Value proposition “What does the Infinite do?”
The Infinite is a three-in-one recording device that brings to you the fidelity of a movie-grade camera,

Convenient utility of built-in editing software and the ability to show your masterpiece to your friends, family and the world through direct uploading to social networking sites” omg! CAPTURE EDIT SHARE 3 in 1 three one capture The world at your fingertips – handheld recording for meets Hollywood professionalism. EDIT Don’t settle for reality-
Build your masterpiece through a comprehensive
Intuitive touch screen editing suite. SHARE We know you’re a genius, but now everyone else does too
Removable storage allows for quick transfer and upload to YouTube, Facebook, Google+, and more.
It’s a three-in-one filmmaking solution that’s customisable. AND YET THERES MORE!! A colour scheme with over a million combinations and designs,
A front panel with plenty of room for a picture that’s completely ‘you’, no one’s left wondering what camera you’re holding. enter here Environmental factors influencing tribe and product success Micro environment Suppliers

- Marketing intermediaries
• Resellers
• Physical distribution firms
• Marketing services agencies
• Financial intermediaries

- Customers
- Competitors
- Publics Macro environment Demographic Forces
• Changing age structure of the population
• Changing household
• Geographic shifts in population

- Economic Forces
• Changes in income
• Changing consumer spending patterns

Natural Forces
• Shortages of raw materials
• Increased cost of energy
• Increased pollution The Infinite broken down core sustomer value Actual product features Design Packaging Quality level Brand name Augmented product After sale service Warranty Product support Delivery and credit But what does it do? Packaging (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr At its core,
The Infinite is a recording device.
Takes photos at a quality of an impressive 24 megapixels as well as recording video at either 720p or a minimally compressed 1080p quality.
This isn’t the camera on the back of your iPhone. This is filmmaking on-the-go!!!!
Battery life of 15 hours, cyber shot
Impressive blue ray conversion
water resistent and dust proof! So, it’s just a fancy digital camera? Infinite is about what’s on the outside as well as what’s on the inside.
-Customisable colour scheme 11.5 inch screen
-Personalise your screen cover panel Flash, stereo sound
-No two Infinit’s are the same Inserts usb and charger
Wifi, 8 to 52 gb memory Speaker/mic, chargeable battery Branding Why Infinite ? ?
What do you think of when you hear “Infinite”? The Infinite, an historical method of sharing knowledge from a simpler time.
This device isn’t a camera; it’s seeing the world in an old way that’s new once more.
Infinite, the titan of Greek mythology who carries the world on his shoulders.
The world is firmly in your grasp with this device, and lifetimes of experiences are waiting to be immortalised. The Sony Infinite brand is one whose equity we aim to build upon over several years - Co-branding with Sony
- Line extension of Sony’s digital camera market
- New brand, niche market The Infinite ships in a black box with a minimalist approach to packaging design, essentially showing nothing but the label and details/safety regulations required by relevant legislation. -Each individual Infinite is what catches the eye, not our packaging.
-Minimal store presence
-Anticipation in unpacking Labelling With an emphasis on establishing the Infinite brand as we enter the digital camera market,

the label needs to be just as unique as our cameras themselves.
This label will persist through advertising, the product website, the box design and, of course, the product itself. As an emerging brand, maximising awareness of the label is essential in its introduction phase Label design Post-sale services With a premium product like the Infinite, value for money doesn’t cease at the point of sale - “My Infinite” online product registration
- 10-year warranty on all units sold
- Free, insured delivery
- Product tutorials via website Core Customer Value DISTRIBUTION ... small What do we bring to the consumer, essentially?
As mentioned previously, our product revolves around three core functions. CAPTURE EDIT SHARE Product Mix Upon launch, the Infinite will be available in three versions at three different price points 3 Infinite Original: Product as described previously. Base model offering all features. 1 Infinite Minor: Standard product, customisation options removed. Our minimal retail presence will consist of these. 2 Infinite Unbound: Premium of the premium.
Collaborate with sales rep to create your Infinite from the inside, out. Recommended for experienced geeks as well as the plain pedantic. Comes with lifetime warranty, with each model varying in cost. 3 PRICING STRATEGY Product Promotion Price Placement (customer service) Process People Physical evidence Inventory carrying costs transportation costs Warehousing throughout costs Conversion lot quantity costs Order-processing and information costs The Infinite will definitely adopt a price skimming strategy, as our product would need to stay high due to quality and perception,
The price of the infinite would be set initially high to skim revenues layer by layer from the market. STRATEGIES •Price skimming
•Optional product pricing
•Captive product pricing
•Discount and allowance pricing Main Focus will be
Online Distribution

• Minimal Retail Presence

• Available in specialist consumer electronics stores

• Special strategies to encourage Online
purchasing 1 As the focus will be predominantly on Online distribution,
transportation and relay of our product to the consumer becomes very important.
Transportation will be focused entirely in Sydney, as we are targeting the Techno Bohos specifically in this area.
Courier services within Sydney will be used to efficiently get our product to the consumer for a reasonable cost Maximum Customer Service:
We will use a Maximum customer service system.

• Rapid Deliver Satisfy our Customers
• Sizeable Inventories Adequately meet demand
• Flexibility Ability to adapt
• Return policies Be lenient with ......customers Promotion Some Many Few (cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr (cc) photo by tudor on Flickr sleek and as small environmentally friendly responsible and Ethical SWOT ANALYSIS THREATS WEAKNESSES STRENGTHS Easy multitasking and overall convenience
Built in Softwares
Integrated features , sharing on social network sites and YouTube
Wi-Fi access
Customisable aesthetics allowing for individuality, a characteristic of the Techno Boho
High Quality, professional Camera and Projector Does not appeal to a broad market
Not as thin/lightweight as other products
Could be perceived to be too expensive OPPORTUNITIES Revolutionary product
share away from various Digital Camera companies (Canon, Nikon, Olympus etc)
Possibility of incorporating the Atlas into the TV/Film industries leading to corporate partnerships
Through Wi-Fi, it could be possible to fix bugs, address problem issues and update the product, if needed. Competitors may also create a similar product and steal our market share/customers
May become a mainstream product, thus losing a characteristic Techno Bohos find desirable
Technological Product, thus it can become obsolete.
Sony may not have the experience in releasing products such as this. POSITIONING Positioned as a synthesis of existing Digital Cameras.
Take the portability of the standard, and cheap priced digital cameras on the Market.
Utilise high quality Camera specs of Top end Cameras, such as SLR cameras.
Present a perception of a better option to consumers.
They will perceive the Infinite as a higher value and more convenient product. Advertising we will use an online Advertising strategy to raise awareness and promote our Product to Techno Bohos.
This form of advertising will be very effective and widespread. It can be cheaper than TV Commercials.
Advertising will also allow us to appeal to the expressiveness of the Techno Bohos, as advertising is very visual and can be artistic. PERSONAL SELLING Due to our heavy focus on Online distribution, we will have online sales staff,
ready to answer questions, solve problems and guide the Consumer in their purchasing decisions.
build a relationship between us and the consumers.
listen to the consumers wants and needs and put their interests above all. This is the key to effective personal selling. PUSH/PULL STRATEGY The Promotion mix strategy we will utilise is a mixture of both push and pull strategies
predominatley we will be in engaging is Pull strategies,
advertising and selling directly to our consumers.
However, our retail presence, although limited,
means we will also use the Push strategy. This entails the distributing
of the Infinite to retailers, who than sell to the end consumers. CONCLUSION Finally in conclusion due to analysing the infinite, and examining important factors regarding the techno bohos, it is evidently clear that we have satisfied our target markets needs and wants. SONY INFINITE A techno boho is someone between the ages of 16 and 29.

living Sydney-wide with a love for artistic expression, generally in a digital format.
Mostly from families with a high amount of disposable income
Majority of techno bohos are university students or recent graduates. S N Y REFERENCES Borden, HN 1984, ‘The Concept of the Marketing Mix’, Harvard Business School, vol. 2, pp. 8-10 < http://www.commerce.uct.ac.za/managementstudies/Courses/bus2010s/2007/Nicole%20Frey/Assignments/Borden,%201984_The%20concept%20of%20marketing.pdf> Anderson, JC, James, NA, Roussan WV 2006, ‘Customer Value Proposition in Business Markets’, Harvard Business Review, vol.1, no.1, pp.1-10 Goi, CL 2009, ‘A Review of Marketing Mix: 4P’s or More?’, International Journal of Marketing Studies, vol. 1, no.1, pp. 1-3 Sony Australia, viewed 14th April 2013, <http://www.sony.com.au/article/339099/productcategory/di-digital-still-camera> Shimbun, A 2013, ‘Sony Releases Smallest, Lightest optical zoom camera’, The Asahi Shimbun, viewed 30th April 2013 < http://ajw.asahi.com/article/economy/AJ201304250083> Pogue, D 2012, ‘A Pocket Camera that Rivals Pros’, The Sydney Morning Herald,viewed on 10th April 2013 <http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/cameras/a-pocket-camera-that-rivals-the-pros-20120628-21502.html> Molitorisz, S 2010, ‘Tribes of Sydney’, Sydney Morning Herald, viewed on 10th April 2013 <http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/life/tribes-of-the-sydney-20100107-lv15.html> Hallward, J 2005, ‘Understanding Brand Value’, IPSOS, viewed on 15th April 2013 <http://www.sabatierconsulting.com/images/uploads/Ipsos_ASI_BrandValue.pdf> Wesemann, E 2012, ‘Strategic Pricing’, Edge International, viewed on 15th April 2013 <http://edwesemann.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Strategic-Pricing.pdf> $ 699 $ 799 $ 899
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