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Mark Watson

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Skiing

skiing I hope you enjoyed it Thank you for your attention! And one more thing... I do a sport called skiing and I practice at Polmont Ski hill.It is a dry slope.

I have also been to other countries to ski - such as Austria,France and Norway.My most favourite one is France.
Here is a picture of me going to a little village. What I do About my sport A Video By Mark watson Skiis
A ski is a long, flat surface that allows efficient movement over soft snow. Abrupt edges act like large ice skate blades and provide control while turning.

Ski boots are specialized footwear that are used in skiing to provide a way to attach the skier to skis using ski bindings. This ski-boot-binding combination is used to effectively transmit control inputs from the skier to the snow.

Ski poles are used by skiers to improve balance and timing as well as for propulsion.Early ski poles were simply sticks, then bamboo , then steel . In 1958, Ed Scott invented the aluminium ski pole. Now, composite ski poles are much lighter and stronger than aluminium poles, though aluminium poles are still one of the main types of ski pole on the market. Equipment The first discoverings to the existence of skis are on 4500 to 5000 year old rock drawings.
The oldest known ski, Kalvträskskidan was found in 1924 in a mire near the village of Kalvträsk in the region of Skellefteå, Sweden, and has been carbon dated to roughly 3200 B.C.
The word ski goes back to the Old Norse word skíð meaning "a stick of wood''.
There are six possible roots from which skis might have developed:
The pedal snowshoe, which was an oval wooden board later covered with fur.
The sledge runner, a possible model for the ski.
The fur shoe, which was a combination of moccasins and sandals and worn together with pedal snowshoes.
The marsh shoe, later was taken to colder regions.
The canoe or the coracle, both used in northern regions from very early on. Having been used as sledges, small ones might have served as proto-skis.
Spontaneous invention History of skiing obergurgle
Length-110 km
height-1066m There are many types of skiing for athletes of all ages to enjoy. Besides alpine skiing, which takes place on steep hills, competitions also take place in cross-country skiing, the biathlon, and freestyle. Cross-country skiing is a race on a long, flatter course. The biathlon is a competition made up of two events — cross-country skiing and target shooting. Freestyle skiing is also made up of two events — skiing over moguls, which has competitors race down a run covered with bumps, and aerials, where competitors ski up a ramp and do twists and turns in the air.
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