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No description

Raegan Lucido

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Blizzards

For blizzards to form, the temperature needs to be below freezing, there must be moisture, and rising warm air. A blizzard forms when warm air and cold air are brought together and precipitation (snow) forms. How They Form by Raegan Lucido Blizzards Features Features of a blizzard include strong winds, low temperatures, and lots of snow. Where and When do They Occur? Blizzards naturally only happen in the winter, and they can happen pretty much anywhere, as long as the temperature is cold enough. Places that are especially cold, such as Northern Mississippi, parts of Canada and Russia, and some parts of the Great Plains area, would be areas that they would most often occur. Blizzards would not normally happen in Texas. Changes In Habitats Plants and trees exposed to blizzards rarely survive the extreme temperatures and strong winds, causing them to die. Blizzards also affect human life. After a blizzard, cars and and yards can be buried in snow, making it very hard to pick up. Blizzards also cause roads to be covered in snow, creating lots of traffic and making it difficult to drive. Changes In Landforms Blizzards don't necessarily have any affect on the land, but they can affect trees. When a lot of snow piles up on a tree, it can cause limbs to break or bend. The Blizzard of 1977 In 1977, Buffalo, NY, the blizzard of 1977 occurred. This blizzard dropped 7 inches on top of the 30-35 inches of snow that was already there. There were winds up to 70 mph, and buffalo was declared a national disaster area. This video shows a slide show of pictures from the blizzard Other Impacts When a blizzard occurs, it also impacts the crops and farmers. The snow from a blizzard piles up on top of the crops, freezing and killing them. This causes farmers to lose their crops, and they have to plant more.
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