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Brazil world cup 2014

No description

saar axelrad

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Brazil world cup 2014

Background on World Cup in
The 2014 World Cup will be the second time played in Brazil.
The future will tell....
the infrastructure investments, will be a driving force for economic growth in the longer term. The country will take quite a few steps towards modernization.
Economic Impacts of BRAZIL world cup

How is Brazil's economy before the
Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
Preparation for the games.
The infrastructure costs composed of:
airports and marinas
Natali Gral
Hadas Barabi
Saar Axelrad
Gal Sternberg

1) every 4 years.
2) 32 teams.
3) 12 stadiums all over the country.
Millions of people will come to see the games and enjoy the festival environment.
Sporting events can be seen as a coming-out party for countries who want to show off their new status as economic giants.
Brazil GDP growth
compere to the world
Brazil spanding compared
to other recent Olympics
One more big investment of the government is on the security- Brazil is training of 53,000 public safety professionals to take a part in the games of 2014.
Will the huge investment in Brazil, benefit in the long run?
Brazil is ready to spread lots of funds for creating its future economic growth.
Brazil has been handicapped by a lack of essential infrastructure.

Brazil rapid growth in past decades has made the country the world’s sixth-largest economy.
Industries that will benefit are:
before the games:
after the games:
With improved roads, railways and marinas the country will make it more attractive to do business and increasing demand from overseas.
Moreover, hosting a successful World Cup will be a catalyst in the country’s image-building going forward.
One of the biggest sports events in the world:
resulting in a
total outlay of 33bn$
for both sport events.
Tourism and Hotels.
Brazil 2014 World Cup - Background
Brazil's economy before the games
Brazilian Preparation for the games
Investments Results
Brazil 2014 World Cup - Background
Brazil's economy before the games
Brazilian Preparation for the games
Investments Results
2014 World Cup cost around 18bn$.
host of the Olympics are an additional 15bn$
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