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Communication Department

take 2

Takuya Shimamura

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Communication Department

Adaption to changes What's this thing? Website, Phone, and Text QR Code Department X Online Survey $2,000 to Admissions
Only a couple responses
All papers/mailing cost
Over 60 questionares
Crunch the numbers by hands Old Model New Model $0 for online survey
50% return rate
only postcards
Easier navigation/less questions
MS Access database - auto report creation They did not know the price of the product.
They did not know how the works.
They did not get charged for the online survey part. Why did it happen? What went wrong? Social Media Tool Benefits External Marketing
Improve Branding
Internal Marketing
Get the Message Out Faster – and to More People
What if... FACEBOOK trength W pportunities T S eaknesses O hreats We are small.
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