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Lesson 4, Topic 1 (Describing Personality)

No description

Stephen Matta

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Lesson 4, Topic 1 (Describing Personality)

Topic 1: Describing Personality *We are able to describe the personality of another.

*We are able to describe our own personality. Objective Key Expressions "You seem (to be)..."

"You seem to be sociable..." Tidy: you enjoy being organized and clean Sociable: you enjoy being with people. Beautiful: you are happy and pleasant. Thoughtful: you always think of others Generous: you are very giving. Humorous: you are a funny person Surprised: you are often shocked and amazed Late: you are not very reliable Shy: you aren't very sociable. You don't enjoy being around people. Short: small things make you angry Active: you are always doing something! Impatient: you hate to wait Creative: you have many different ideas Reliable: you are trustworthy. Confident: you believe strongly in yourself and your abilities. Confidence! Rational: you think logically Pessimistic: you are negative and are often unhappy. Emotional: you are very sensitive! Rude: you aren't polite! You don't consider other people's feelings. Moody: you change moods often, and for no reason. Talkative: you love to talk and do it often! Stubborn: you don't change your mind!
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